Numb tongue!

Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with their tongues? For the last 4 days my tongue has felt odd! I’m not sure that numb is the right word, very hard to describe but it definitely doesn’t feel right! I’m guessing, as usual, that its ms related as there’s nothing else I can blame it on!

Thanks in advance

Jen x

Hi Jen, I have had a strange feeling in my tongue sometimes, mostly though my top lip and under my nose goes semi numb, it’s a feeling that’s hard to describe other than i often touch my lip and nose just to reassure myself it’s there, daft it sounds I know just that it’s such a weird feeling


I once pulled the muscle in my tongue. I assumed that part of it had gone onto spasm.

I don’t see why it shouldn’t, everywhere else does.

Its not the tongue but i often get a numb nose!

Julia xx

Me too Julia and it’s so weird a feeling too


Yes i have its a weird feeling almost like novacane worn off, i have had it a few times, and tingling above my lip too…

yes crazy chick that’s the feeling, like novacane worn off


At least we’re not alone!

Julia x