Tingling Tongue

Hi Everyone, Has anyone woke up with a tingling sensation on their tongue? Never had this before. Also I tend to catch my top teeth grinding on the bottom teeth, this happens when I am eating. Can anyone tell me if this happens to them.


I have pins and needles in my tongue,lips and face all the time.It is something that never goes away.

It always feels like my gums/teeth are throbbing/tingling, but if you say that anywhere other than on here people look at you as though you need a straight jacket.


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Very true, Its just very strange to have all these symptoms.

Jan x

I have a numb ā€˜fizzyā€™ tongue almost constantly, mostly on the right side of it and the tipā€¦ also a few numb patches on my face which come and go. Above the eyebrows and along the top of my nose. Very strange sensations, I tend to twitch my nose a lot, like a rabbit or Samantha (the witch on Bewitched)


I have had a tingling tongue and lips, have also had middle of face from forehead to chin, (including nose) go numb and pins and needles in roof of mouth. All at the same time, really annoying. Happens quite often, and on other occasions, just the lip or section of cheek.

I get a tingling tongue and sometimes cheek inside or out when I get a migraine. Somtimes without any headache too. They can be wierd things, migraine!

Well I was dx with Basilar Migraine and put on betablockersā€¦Been on them 3weeks, still get headaches and balance problemsā€¦Even typing this hurts my hands and wrists so I am very slow!!!

I just have no idea what really can be causing these symptoms? GP said anixety, 18mths ago I would say yes, however I dont think it is thatā€¦Got another letter from Neuro this morning she is saying MRI was fine non specific. Although ssome high signal changes, but these dont account for my symptoms!!! So what the hell is causing them?

So at this moment I am been monitored and wait and see.