pins and needles - tongue

Hi, Has anybody else had pins and needles in their tongues? I’ve had it twice now and only lasted an hour or so each time but it felt really weird! S x

Not one I’ve had before. Must be very weird! Karen x

Hi I’m new here and Dogtanion’s post caught my eye first as the tingling and pins and needles in my tongue have been a symptom since 6th August!!! This feeling rapidly spread to the entire right side of my head and face and has been present constantly :? To cut a very long story short this eventually drove me to the GP then A&E for an MRI scan… now awaiting an appointment with the neurologist for confirmation of MS. Very uncomfortable and frustrating times. how is everybody? Kx

Not pins & Needles, but I get a numb feeling on half my tongue left side, can’t taste when I have it, comes and goes all the time now it started in April this year and it lasted for 3 months.

Thanks for all your replies - it’s good to know I’m not the only weird one! S x

i have had that feeling but only on my right side, it started on my top lip then spread to my face and head then went numb it lasted nearly three months. it has not totally gone still in parts of my chin tongue and roof of mouth! don’t no if it will ever go.