b face

I feel like I have been to the dentist! My right cheek is all tingly jyst like an anaesthetic wearing off! Feel I am posting all bits of nonsense on here sometimes, but it is since my husband started working nights you are my people to talk to! :slight_smile:

Hi, i get the tingly/numb face, mine is normally the whole right side, i cant stop running my nail over my face + scalp, we can be numb face buddys

i have had bell’s palsy twice and that feels exactly like what you describe but looks a fright! one side droops and it made me look and feel like quasimodo! i was only 17 the first time. 42 the second time. it just goes away by itself. doctor reccommended vit B. now my face doesnt droop but still no oil painting!

i’m a lot braver at the dentist now!

carole xxx

I get this on and off, on my right side, really weird, also I started to get nerve pain in the same area, mostly the right side, but occassional the left, looks like I’ve been sunbathing, others say it looks nice, but it’s very uncomfortable, I get this same nerve pain in my legs, 24/7 now, take care, Jean x

I get face and I ache too usually on my right hand side and suffer from tingling/crwling sensations across my face and head, I gather this is not uncommon though?