Numbness of my tongue ie spreading :-/

My tongue has been numb for a few days it’s now tingling and the numbness is in my lips and cheek and I generally feel poop. I am going to ring for my JC virus test result today it’s a day early but I’m struggling and hoping I can start Tysabri :frowning:

I get a numb tongue, it feels weird doesn’t it, thank goodness it doesn’t last very long. Fingers x it doesn’t last long for you. X Gwyneth

I know how you feel I started with a numb lip which spread to the whole right side of face and tongue lost sense of taste and struggled to swallow now 7 weeks down the line have 95 percent feeling back only when I eat does it start to feel numb and tingle again ,this is the worst relapse I have had and can cope anywhere else but in the face is very scarey hope you feel better soon

I’ve had a relapse two weeks ago and I experienced double vision facial numbness down the right side, my right arm and both my legs lost strength, I had 6 days of I.V methilepred and still have the numbness tingling in my tongue feels weird doesn’t it