Numbness down there in vagina

Hello So first I experinced numbness in right hand below the elbow joint…no pain …just numbness.Then back(the part below shoulders) pain occurs .while I am sleeping,the part below my knees goes numb… After a week I experienced numbness all over my body especially in the outside of vagina…the outer lips of vagina etc…I could feel sense while pee. Does anyone feel the same? I am just 20 years old. Does anyone help me if they had taken medicines or visited a doctor for the numbness in vagina? If so could you please tell me what I am supposed to do so that I can feel my vagina again?

are you being investigated for ms?

if so you should have an ms nurse who is the person to ask.

if not, ask your gp.

can you still do pelvic floor exercises?

keep them up for now, poor pelvic floor is a sadly neglected area!

it will pay dividends in the continence area when that particular bug bear comes to visit.

we all share the umbrella term of ms but we all have a different mix of symptoms.

i have never felt so unique in my life!

i have numbness practically everywhere but it is manageable.

carole x

Hello Secret Gatekeeper, hopefully you have a MS Nurse because I agree with Cat Woman Carole, please mention your numbness to them. Hopefully as you are so young, feeling will return. I totally agree 're pelvic floor exercises too; get clenching, any time, any where, no one can see you doing it nor need to know, just do a bit throughout the day, every day. There’s info on the internet that can give practical advice on how to do it.