Numbness and itchy nose

Good morning Pat, how is your itchy nose?

Hope everyone is having a good day and are as well you can be.

My breathing is better today, perhaps it is just the heat and coping with other stuff.

My arms are still stiff and numb as well as my lower legs, getting used to that as well,

i know a lot of people out there are a lot worse than me but it just good tell someone about it.

Got my DLA through this week, it has taken a while but now i might be able to get mobile again,

that is until they change it again, why can’t they just leave things be, have we not got enough to

cope with the MS monster with out their interference.

Well best get on and do some work or i will find myself out of work.

Take care

Mark xx

Hi Mark, glad your breathing is better… awful for you but maybe this cooler weather will keep things a bit better.

Great you got your DLA… yep agree… awful what they are putting us all through… as if dealing with bloody PPMS isn’t bad enough. I still haven’t been assessed for ESA (I’m still on IB) and I swear every morning I dread postman coming… esp if I hear something heavy falling through letter box. Terrible to be SCARED of government that should be protecting us!

Nose is back to normal… lol… I think nothing is numb today but I get a lot of semi numbness… can feel the skin but nothing underneath. Not sure if that makes sense but I think ‘normal for MS’.

Don’t work too hard hon,

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Hope you are wellish. I know what you mean about feeling the skin and nothing underneath it makes perfect sense.

Sorry to hear about the break in how awful for you.

We work all our lives and still have to battle the government, I really dispair. My wife works in benefits and some of the things she deals with would make your blood boil, it was only her persistance that got my DLA , I just wanted to throw the towel in as I was fed up of the battle.

The cooler weather seems to have helped my breathing just tingling in my arms and legs but nothing I can not cope with.

Love Mark

Hi Mark, nice to see you on here.

I think if all the people who SHOULD be claiming DLA actually claimed it, the bill would be much higher. LOTS of people get put off by the difficult form and also by being turned down and not appealing. Funny how the Posh Boys Government never make an effort to look for those people eh?

All ok now following break in thanks.

Yep I seem better since cooler weather too.

Take care,

Love Pat x

Hi Pat glad you are feeling better long may it last !!!

love Mark xxxx