Lower legs numb feeling

Good afternoon everyone, what a great weekend it has been, weather that is.

My lower legs and arms are going numb, feel very heavy.

Has anyone got any advice on i can do to realieve them?

I excercise as much as i can, walking at the moment but who knows for how much longer.

I am on max pregabalin and 20mg baclofen pus my statins as a result of a stroke 2 years ago.

Well it will be good to hear from you , take care and speak soon.


Mark x

Hi Mark, it could well be the hot weather making symptoms worse. MS and hot weather are not a good combo for most people. Try and stay cool as possible. Try not to overdo the exercise.

Apparently it’s cooling down a bit tomorrow… so try and get some rest if you can.

Good to see you on here. Hope the numbness goes soon. My feet and lower legs are semi-numb today… feel swollen but look ok… I’m guessing it’s the hot weather.

Take care hon,

Pat x

My feet have got much numb-er recently. I am presuming that this is a progression of my symptoms. Teresa xx

Thanks Pat for your advice I will rest and stay cool and see if that helps. Must admit not felt this bad before.

I have also noticed that I seem to get out of breath and struggle for breath is that normal?

Hope all is as well as can be with you and your family

take care Mark xx

Hi Teresa, not sure if this is our sympthoms progessing it is a scary thought!!!

Hope you start to feel better soon

keep smiling

mark xx

Thanks Mark Teresa xx

Hi Mark, no I don’t think it’s normal for MS to struggle for breathe (although of course it’s very hard to ‘keep fit’ with MS)… but you should never assume something is MS and not get it checked out.

Suggest you go and see GP just to be on safe side.

Hope you’re feeling a bit better today Mark. Cooler!

I was scratching my nose this morning and realised it was numb!

Pat x