Numb right arm

Evening all!

Just wondered if there is anything I can do to make my arm feel better. It’s not so much numb as feeling like I have done non-stop weights for a day!! ( i haven’t!) I am a teacher and am struggling to write on the board or even hold a story book up at the end of the day! Can i do anything to make it feel a little better??!! Any advice appreciated x


I suffer with right arm weakness everyday and always find it difficult to write/type in the afternoon. The only thing I have found that works is resting it even if its only for a few minutes but this only works a couple of times then I find I have to stop using my right arm completely which as a teacher I know will not be suitable for you. I hope more people come up with better suggestions for you.



My left arm has felt like this following relapses. It did gradually improve and I think yoga helped a bit as well by strengthening the muscle so it didn’t get tired so quickly. My yoga class is very gentle and if any of the poses are too strenuous for my upper arms I either don’t hold them for long or sit them out. My yoga instructor is aware of my MS and keeps an eye on me as well. I often practise the initial warm-up stretches at home in between yoga classes.

Tracey x