Numb legs

Hi everyone

Haven’t been on the site for a long time but wondered if anyone else suffered from this. I had a relapse a few months ago and have been left with numb legs. The bottom half of my legs including my feet feel like I have been numbed at the dentist but the feeling is just about coming back. They feel heavy, bigger and thicker, it is difficult to tell where my feet are and it is really beginning to get on my nerves. Does anyone have any suggestions or medication that might help.


Hi Sue,

Numbness is a hugely common symptom, but I’m not aware of any drug that can stop it. It’s caused by sensory signals not being able to get past areas of damage. There are drugs that can dampen down unwanted signals (like pain), but none - that I know of - that can replace signals that have gone AWOL. The only cure for that is if and when the damage eventually heals enough for signals to get through again.

It does sound as if this has already started, as you’re beginning to regain some sensation.

After the relapse that led to my diagnosis, I was left with numbness and loss of other sensations (e.g. hot v. cold) for months. Sensation did eventually return to about 99% as good as before, but it was very slow!

There may be techniques you can use to kid your brain your legs are NOT numb - such as intentionally wearing tight socks. If your brain thinks there is a reason sensation is affected (you have tight clothing there), it may accept it as normal, and not find it so annoying - or not tell YOU it’s annoying! Strange but true.


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Hi, My legs went numb from toes to about my thighs, it was worse at my toes. After about 6 weeks the feeling started to come back and I would say its 99% OK now but if my feet get slightly cold they go really numb quickly.

Hope you feel better soon.


Yes I’ve had this twice. First time it faded over about 6 weeks, second time it faded over about a year, I kind of got used to it!