Numb Calf Muscles

Hi Everyone

I am feeling a bit sorry for myself today.

I have had painful spasms in my calf muscles for a while now but I have woken up this morning with the feeling of both calf muscles feeling numb. Not a nice feeling.

Any advice?

Aww Shazzie, sorry to hear this.

Stretching the calf muscles may help. Stand with the front half of your feet on a step, with your heels hanging off the edge.

Slowly lower your heels so that they are below the level of the step. Repeat a number of times if able. Doing these stretches before bed may help.

Medication of course if symptoms persist.

The above info Shazzie is from NHS choices

I usually flex my ankles up and down and in circles when sat in my recliner.


Thanks Noreen and thanks so much for the hugs. They really help.


Be honest Shazzie

What yah really thinking. Is she mad! does she think I’m some kind of a gymnast

My knees are really getting on my nerves today-it’s like a nagging toothache


Hi shazzie, Hope you feel better soon. Apart from the stretches #1 recommends, also try massaging them, May not work, but worth a try. ((((Hugs)))). Cherry x

I don’t know of any treatment for numbness, sorry.

Stiffness, yes, numbness, no.

When I had really numb legs, I tried things like Deep Heat and creams containing capsaicin (the “hot” compound in peppers) just to try to feel something. Not entirely successful, as it doesn’t relieve the numbness, really, but worth a try if you’re desperate to feel something. Similar tricks can sometimes be used be used to confuse the senses and mask pain (after all, that’s the point of Deep Heat in the first place, isn’t it?).

I’m afraid the last time bits of me went numb, I was having a relapse, and they stayed that way for some months. Hence experiments with capsaicin cream, and ginger and so on. :frowning:

Hope this isn’t the case with you.



Thanks you lovely lot.

Blossom. Would it help if I wore a headband do you think? At least you made me laugh.

Shazzie xx