Numb arms while sleeping

Does anybody else suffer with numb arms and pins and needles when they are in bed and lie on the side to sleep please let me know as this is really worrying me now and is very annoying

Yes me everynight even goes right into my hands & that bad that I cant even pick my glasses up from the bedside table, and the funny thing is its always the side I’m not sleeping on. So if I lay on my right its the left that goes all numb with pins & needles and visa versa Sue

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Could you be trapping an inflamed/damaged nerve somehow?

I also have this on a regular basis, but as Bambi19 says, it is not on the side that I am sleeping so I find it difficult to believe that it could be related to a trapped nerve etc.


I have this too, found it gets worse if i put my arms above my heart (if that makes sense?).

I posted a question like this a while back and someone suggested sleeping with your arms tucked in your knees. I tried it and it does make a difference - don’t always remember though!



Hands tucked in-between your knees i should have said. Arms in knees could be a bit tricky!


its makes me wake up 4 or 5 times a night to change position. i dont know the cause but i had it in my mind it was bad cerculation.

cannot remember the last time i had a full nights sleep through it.

atb MTT

Yes, most nights…sometimes it’s one arm and other times it’s both In fact, a few weeks ago, I woke up with a numb arm and was trying to “find” it…I picked up an arm, but obviously didn’t feel like it belonged to me, so I let go and ended up hitting my husband in the face, he wasn’t too pleased, as you can imagine Sorry I can’t be of any help, Fizzy x

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Yes I have this every night, At first i thought i must be sleeping in the wrong position and maybe blocking the blood supply to my arm so I sleep on the other side now but I still get it. Can take quite a while to get the feeling back when i wake up. Don’t know if it’s an MS thing or not as i’m not DX.

I get numbness and pins and needles in the arm I’m not lying on at night. I sleep on my side with that arm (the top arm) bent with my hand near my chin. It’s the nerve in my elbow that’s the problem area!

I also get this - most nights anyway. Lying on my side - get it. Lying on my tummy with hands pulled into chest - get it. Lying on my back - get it. Lying on tummy with hands under pillow - get it. I’m beginning to think i could fall asleep in a headstand postion and get numb arms. But it doesn’t wake me up - I just notice when the alarm goes off.


Hi, Same here, although not every night. From my scan I have degeneration/bulging discs at c5 & c6, so I am guessing that’s what’s causing mine if it pinches the nerve. I did tell ms nurse and neurologist but they told me they did not relate this to ms, it was wear and tear and basically getting old! Helen

have this almost everynight for a year. sometimes a finger is stuck in an odd position and hands totally numb. takes a few minutes for numbness to go and ability to straighten finger

why do so many of us have this, slept in the same position all my life and never had it before

I get this too. Thinking back, it was happening to my hands a little while before my very first symptoms but I blamed it on laying in an odd position as I had never had it before. Now it happens night after night. My left arm is the worst but it happens to the right one sometimes as well, I have to give it 5 minutes for the feeling to come back before I attempt to get out of bed. It is worse if I have had the arm bent so I try to fall asleep with straightened arms but I have always slept on my side with one arm and one leg curled up so I think I roll into that position once I’m in a deep sleep.

What with this, the leg stretches and the morning meds to fit into my routine, it’s a wonder I ever make it to work on time!

Tracey x

me too most nights some times its so bad i cant pick anything up for a good few mins after i get up lol turning on the shower is always fun lol

Have this too also get woken up by my arms becoming completely locked and it takes ages for me to be able to move them. Also happens with my legs. Gabapentin has helped with the crawling pins and needles in my legs so they don’t wake me up but arms are still a problem. Just another joy of MS

I get this too - with so many of us affected, and the timescale corresponding to the onset of other “MS stuff”, I find it really hard to accept it’s unrelated. Occasionally, on waking, I’ve found my whole arm has gone numb, and is thrashing about, uselessly, like a lump of dead meat. I’ve knocked everything off the bedside table! I don’t think this is a normal part of being 40-something. My mum will be 73 next week, and although she never stops moaning about her health (she doesn’t have MS), she’s never reported this one! I’m sure, if all older folk got it, I’d have heard about it by now. I don’t think it’s a circulatory thing, but a nerve thing. My fingers look pink and healthy enough. Although I don’t understand why it only strikes at night, and tends to be the side you’re lying on, which does suggest circulation. I just don’t think it is, though. Maybe our dodgy wiring means that when there’s a lack of sensory input (as when asleep), our brains “switch off” that circuit for a while, to save energy. So far, I usually find it wears off quickly once I’m awake and moving. But I’m quite a liability for that first few moments each morning. My feet aren’t very safe when I first stand, either. Tina x

I have had this for a few years but only if I sleep with my arms bent (it s ulna nerve entrapment if this happens and it s mainly your little finger that goes numb). However since my ‘episode’ my right arm (which is not the side affected) is much worse than usual and I frequently wake up with my whole arm and hand numb and feeling exactly like my left hand which scares me. If I shake it around a bit the circulation eventually comes back though.

Hi everyone, thanks for your stories about arm numbness. I went to my doctor with similar symptoms - left arm would go numb, even when I’m sleeping on my back - and he said it could be early signs of MS. Curious if arm numbness was an early symptom for you guys, and what were other symptoms, either ones at the same time or further along. Thanks a bunch, Laura