Numb arms while sleeping

I have started experiencing my arms going numb while I am asleep. it happens in both arms, and not necessarily the arm I am sleeping on. What could be the cause?

I get this too, it’s always the side that is least effected by the ms and I notice it when I wake and generally my arm and hand are on my stomach, so I know haven’t been laid on it, GP said my circulation is sound, so I just put it down to another ms sympton.

I posted this back in November - Hello, I was diagnosed earlier this year with MS. I have been waking up during the night to find parts of my upper body have went numb and I dont appear to have been sleeping on it or lying in an awkward position. I woke up during the night and both my hands mainly fingers were numb. I have also had this feeling in upper left arm between my shoulder and elbow. By the morning normal feeling has returned. Am I being paranoid and just assuming its due to my MS? Going by the amount of us experiencing similar symptoms I am assuming it is MS related x

I’ve had this too for the last two nights. Don’t know for a fact whether I have MS or not yet but I started getting RLS then RAS symptoms mainly on one side 6 months ago - then just focused on taking vitamin D for a few months because the GP told me to and it seemed to get better after a few weeks, but now the feeling has come back again and been worse for the last 3/4 weeks or so. Last 2 nights I have woken up with a numb left arm and hand the first night (slept on that side) and then I changed sides last night and this time just the left hand - left side is my affected side at the moment, right side is fine). Going to probably try sleeping on my right tonight because I know I won’t be able to sleep on my back haha… Will keep posted if I remember!

I’m a physio (with MS). The things I would ask for any upper limb numbness overnight would be:

*Check your pillows are keeping your head in a neutral neck position, side or back lying
*Are you curling your hands/elbows up and into a protective position? Might be worth trying splints overnight to keep your wrists straight as you might be pressing on the nerves there
*When you are awake can you stretch your neck side-to-side, up and down and looking across your shoulders easily? If one side is restricted, try to stretch it