Numb after drinking?

Hi all, hope your in good health.

I was diagnosed with MS about a year ago. I am only 22. I have been coping quite well with it so far but I have been reading into things due to the development of new symptoms. This has caused a fear in me and I am now constantly worried that it may be getting worse.

I also wanted to find out whether anyone else experiences numbness after drinking. I still have feeling but I also tend to feel quite numb, especially my lips. Could this be connected to my MS or is it just me haha?

Hi, I think numbness to the senses does occur with drinking alcohol. How much do you drink? Maybe alternate each drink with a soft drink.


I don’t drink a lot. I am quite a light weight and only drink on special occasions. But I will try the method you suggested. Thank you.


Hi again Jen. Hope it helps chick