Now this is unusual

I got a promotion at work

:slight_smile: Mary

Wo wo, great news Mary,

thanks for sharing it’s nice to hear something good.

Jen x

Well done Mary, good for you, hope you enjoy your new position. Janet x

Brilliant news, well done! Sara xx

Well, well done you Mary.

But I thought you were winding down towards retirement, no?

Theyre getting their moneys worth out of you, for that wheelie, eh?

luv Pollx

Many thanks, Jen, Janet Sara and Poll,

I’m still counting down to retirement so this was a completely unexpected shock - but a pleasant one for a change.

Its surprised and gob smacked me, but the extra money will help when they’re calculating my final salary pension. So I’m not going to be as poor as I thought I’d be when I retire.

Gob smacked but happy

:wink: Mary.

what fantastic news mary,well done,bet you are chuffed to bits !!

jaki xx

Thank you Jaki, pleased yes - but still in shock as it was so unexpected

:wink: Mary

Congratulations Mary - lovely to have good, unexpected news! Teresa xx