some good news

Hi everyone its when awhile since I’ve dropped by lifes been good and busy :slight_smile: I have a Fiancée now yesterday I walk into her work she works in a supermarket I payed for my shopping then said I have a question for you I opened a box with a ring and asked her to marry me she said yes I was so nervous before in case she said no and all the other shoppers and her work pals where all looking on she was over the moon and shaking as I placed the ring on her finger

Oh that’s lovely Mark, congratulations to you both.

Liz and I have some hat shopping to do!!!

Best to you both

Val x

Congrats mate All the best to you both

How romantic Mark!! Congratulations to you and yours!!

Shazzie xx

Thats lovely news Mark, congratulations to you both.

Hope you have a lovely life together

Lisa x

Congratulations! Great news x

Happy news , congratulations.

congratulaions, really pleased for you.

jaki xx

Congratulations to you both.

Many congratulations to you both :slight_smile:

Congratulations Mark,

All the best for the future


well done mark

you did it perfectly

carole x

Wonderful :slight_smile: So nice to hear some happy news too.

Good luck

Sonia x

Huge Congratulations. Lovely to hear happy news

Sharon x

Ash…sniff, sniff Congrats to you both from a newly married !! Catherine Xx

Congratulations to you both xxx

Oh how old fashioned and so romantic…lovely!

Glad she said yes.


congratulations mark xx julie