3.30 pm today :((

Is the time of my official dismissal from my employment. 6 years at uni, 15 years working my way up. Thanks MS.

H,that’s sad,but the rest of your career starts at 3:31 PM.You can now spend more time looking after yourself and should be able to spend more time with loved ones,and the family.Those 21 years of hard work will stand you in good stead for the future,and give it a couple of days and you’ll start to de-stress

Be lucky,

S xx

Just been made redundant myself, sending hugs xx

Oh, Zoe, I’m so sorry…at least I’m being retired and get my pension. Big hugs back to you. And wobbles…thanks…,I know…just for today I’m feeling sorry for myself !!!

Hi MrsH,

I’m sorry you’re having to retire, but now you’re a lady of leisure!! My mum retired in January and was completely lost at first but now she has realised that it’s now HER time to do with what SHE wants, she worked for the local authority and in child protection for years but now she can stop worrying about everybody else and concentrate on herself for a change. You’ll soon settle into it and I know it’s sad now but from reading your comments on this forum you are clearly an intelligant woman and maybe (if you want to do something) when you’ve had some time for yourself you could do volunteer work or study something just for fun.

Good luck with last day at work, but remember it’s the beginning of a new chapter now YOURS!

Take care


Thanks, Becky…I’m sat at home having been off sick for nearly a year. Manager, HR and union rep are all coming here !!! I’m 42 years old and going to be a pensioner…this is sooooo #%$¥ !!! I bloomin hate this MS malarkey.

Waiting for the paper work for my medical retirement at the grand old age of 28! life with ms is great. You can imagin how big my pension is (knee high to a grass hopper).


(if this post makes it thru)

Oh Darren, it’s seriously unfunny, isn’t it. The only reassurance I can give you is that, if you get tier one medical retirement, you get enhanced pension rights which means you get your pension as if you were 65 regardless of the age you are now. I get my breakdown this afternoon, after I’ve been officially dismissed so can tell you more then.

Just to make u laugh im 39 and have taken up knitting…

:)) Thanks Zoe…I haven’t decided yet…had to give up knitting because of my crackered right hand but then I only took it up when MrH became a grandad for the first time !! Ideas would be welcomed !!!

I know its far from funny. Maybe we can be mp’s they are basicly working the same hours as retired folk. But with huge pay.

I know…the media bang on and on about public sector workers (of which I technically still am) getting huge wages, yearly wage increases etc etc when in actuality, the only people this applies to are the MP’s. I get sick of the hype.

And another thing…how come I feel so jittery and on edge ? I know what’s going to happen, so what’s the problem ? Get a grip woman !!

They will feel more uncomfortable with u, when my boss came she just talked about herself, I just blocked it all xxx

I think you’re right. The lovely Graeme from HR just rang to say I need mine and MrH’s birth certificate and our marriage certificate ready for him and he sounded nervous.

Oh dear, Mrs H that does sound stressful for you. Just keep thinking that in a few hours all will be done & your jitteriness will ease. It won’t be as bad as you dread - you sound like someone who can take things in her stride! I wouldn’t have a clue where my birth/marriage certificates are - hope you’re more organised. What about retraining as a counsellor? CBT seems a vey much needed skill. I go into my local primary school & listen to children read just to keep myself busy (but obv no pay) & am thinking about a part time psychology course when my youngest goes to school. But who knows how things will pan out? I just feel like I need a Plan! Good Luck for 3.30 - I’ll be sending positive vibes your way Jane x

Ah, Mrs H.

I know you feel sad about his.

I did too, back in 2000, when i retired on ill health. I wondered how I would manage financially or fill my time.

Both things took some sorting…but i coped.

I`m sure you will too.

luv Pollx

Hi Mrs H, I have nothing constructive to add, just wanted you to know I will be thinking of you this afternoon. It’s going to be a strange situation for all of you, I’m sure things will get easier with time. Good luck Laura x

I hope that it will feel like a relief when it happens - it certainly did for me.

Good luck.



Just think, Mrs H, you are going from the risk of zero income to about the most reliable form of income available in an uncertain world (a public sector pension in payment). It might not be much, but it is as secure as it gets (which isn’t very, admittedly!) Chin up.