Nothing to do with MS - just to take your mind off it all ...

Just though I’d ask this question - sorry but its mostly for the ladies.

Girls - don’t just answer straight away but have a long hard think. I want your favourite literary hero. And I will be very disappointed if all I get is a long list of Christain Grey’s or Mr. Darcy’s - although I understand the appeal.

For me - it has to be Sir Percival Blakenay - or the Scarlet Pimpernel as he is also known (even my plant at work is called Percy). If you haven’t read it I suggest you do.

With the hot weather taking its toll on my fatigue and my insomnia I seem to be spending more time reading so I’m hoping to get some suggestions for a good read out of this

Keep fighting everyone

Don Quixote :slight_smile:

not at all girlie books but jack reacher does it for me, just the books not the film. tom cruise wasnt right.

i also like benton wesley in the scarpetta books

I’m a fan of Ivanhoe. Having said that, I also like Taita from more recent literature. He featured in Wilbur Smith’s Egyptian series and they are well worth a read.

Tracey x

Sparhawk from David Eddings ‘The Elenium Trilogy’

Sharon x

oops i forgot dorian hawkmoon from the michael moorcock books (1970’s fantasy)

Benton Wesley from Scarpetta, jack Reacher and Robert Langdon of Da Vinci code fame.

Sharon, I am so with you on that one but for me, it has to be Richard Rahl from Terry Goodkinds Sword of Truth series or if I fancy a bit of alpha male, Curran from Ilona Andrews series of Kate Daniels books (well worth a read if you like your heroines feisty) Angela x

Dennis the Menace

Wb x

MRS H - very similar taste!!!

woblyboy - and dont forget gnasher

Will have to look for them Angela. Another one would be Rohan from Melani Rawn’s Dragon Prince saga.

Roy Grace …

Atticus Finch from ‘To kill a Mockingbird’

I totally get Sparhawk - I’m with you on that one - and in a similar type of character I loved Rutger Hauer in Ladyhawke as Etienne Navarre (ok not a book but I started the tread so I get some leeway hehe)

Richard Rahl - yep get that one too.

I’ll have to look up the others too.

Keep 'em coming. I need some dashing dominant men to sweep me off my feet.

Totally with you on Rutger Hauer. Although Ladthawke is the only thing I liked him in!

With you on that one Wb xxxx

What about Jackie xx

Jamie in the Outlander series by Dianna Gabldon

(a LOT of reading - 8 or 9 books and each one a tome!)


I’m a sucker for some of the guys in Jilly Cooper books, I just love her characters.

If I’d had a son I always knew I’d call him Red, such a simple but cool name :slight_smile:

Sonia x

l too, have been reading lots recently. Yes, Jack Reacher and Harry Bosch - and now l am hooked on Lisa Gardner books and she has a FED called Pierce Quincey - what a hero!!. After years of reading Michael Connelly/Lee Child/Patricia Highsmith -Sue Grafton - l have now become a great fan of Tess Gerittson and Lisa Gardner. Love the detective/forensic pathology books. And all of my ‘heroes’ are in my imagination - the same of course as Christian Grey. Shall be very disappointed if they make a film of them as the poor actor will never come up to my ‘hopes and dreams’. For heroines - l love all the leading female characters in all of the lsla Dewar books - wonderful Scottish author - have read them all - and each book completely different - can’t wait for her to write/publish more- no murders - little bit of romance - just intriguing people.

l got so fed up trying to find books in the public library - l now buy secondhand ones via amazon. The last two Lisa Gardners were three novels in one thick tome - all for a penny plus postage. Works out cheaper then petrol to drive to the library. And l get to pass them on to my mum and friends before giving them to a charity shop.

As l get very little sleep - l read for hours - and get to love some of these characters and can’t wait to get back to them.

For a bit of light relief l read Adele Parks books - these are more ‘holiday reading’.

Love Harry Bosch and Jack Reacher. Also enjoy the detectives (they act as a group hero) from the 87th precinct series by Ed McBain. Particular favourites are Steve Carella and Arthur Brown. He’s written loads, usually pick them up second hand. Also enjoy the Matthew Hope character by the same author although not quite as much - he is a lawyer!