i decided to buy a couple of books of the easy reading type

i thought it would b e a good bit of escapism

the book i bought was about a fostered child who had been her disabled mothers carer.

so far so good but 2 chapters in it turned out that the mother had ms!

just cant win!

carole x

Carole - l know the feeling - sends a shiver down the spine whenever anyone with ms is mentioned in books or on tele.

For a good light hearted read - [without ms] try Deborah Moggach’s Ex Wives - and then the sequel Heartbreak Hotel. l bought both books from Amazon - secondhand hardbacks - very cheap - excellent condition - but more importantly - what a good read.

l could not put them down - the characters are so interesting and humorous. Passed them on to a friend and she loved them - n ow they are doing the rounds.

Deborah Moggach wrote The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - which was made into a terrific film.

l usually read detective/murder books - like Michael Connolly - Lee Child - so these books were a very different read - escapsism -

Just read Clare Baldings autobiography - lovely book as long as you love horses and dogs.


Hi Carole,

Oh, I hate that!

I read a novel recently, where it quickly became apparent there was “somethng wrong” with one of the main characters. It was never specified exactly what, but they were out hiking, and she was getting tired all the time, and having trouble getting over stiles, and that sort of thing.

I thought: “Oh Gawd, this sounds familiar!”

Worse still, it then became apparent she was going to DIE, and her male companion (whom we’d assumed was her husband/boyfriend) was in fact some sort of carer, or perhaps her spiritual advisor.

The book got tedious for unrelated reasons (whole chunks in archaic regional dialect, that was virtually incomprehensible), but I probably never would have started it, if I’d thought it was going to be all about somebody dying of [UNNAMED ILLNESS], that seemed to have an awful lot in common with MS…



Oh dear! I love zombie books and there are some great free books you can download for Kindle or Kindle app.