Not yet diagnosed … strange symptoms

I haven’t been diagnosed with MS and in fact a neurologist has told me I haven’t MS, however I have had some strange symptoms for over 2 years now and do not know what way to turn …
I have what i can only describe as internal vibrations felt mainly in my abdomen and chest area. Along with these vibrations I am also having strange sensations inside my head. Almost like a pulsing/fizzing sensation. As well as tingling in my face around my cheek, chin & lips. I feel these every day, mainly in the evening and upon waking either in the night or in the morning.
I have had a brain MRI ordered by a stroke consultant as they feared I’d had a mini stroke. The neurologist I saw discounted MS as I have no issues with my balance, coordination, double vision etc.
Would it be normal to only have these sensory type symptoms? Should I press for a spinal MRI?
Are lesions present on both brain & spine or is it possible to only have lesions in one area as I presume when I had my brain MRI these would have been seen even though the scan wasn’t ordered to look for signs of MS?
Has anyone had these internal vibrations & strange feeling inside their head?
Any advise would be gratefully received as I really don’t know which way to turn now

Hi there,

Yes I have had these sensations. I was diagnosed with MS last year after I had a head and spine mri. I have more lesions on my spinal cord than in my head so I would push for a full mri scan. The buzzing and fizzing comes and goes for me as do most of my symptoms but I have permanent nerve damage in my feet. Hoping to start DMT drugs soon so hopefully they might stop progression.
Good luck.

Thanks for your reply…can I ask what other symptoms you have as these are my only symptoms which is why doctors aren’t willing to consider MS
Also is there anything you have found that helps to ease these strange sensations at all. Many thanks

Are you perimenopause age?

No I’m post menopause 54
I originally tried HRT as I wondered if this was menopause related but it hasn’t helped