not yet diag

hi my names Jackie recently been in hosp with what was thought to be a tia(mini stroke) i had a ct scan and mri scan while i was in , had recent appointment with stroke doc who doesnt think it was stroke but ms refeered me to neuro who i saw last week done a few tests and now wants me to have another mri and lp, have got quite a few ms symptoms that have been going on for about 12months but i always seemed to have a reason for the symptoms or had excuse for them has anybody else had this happen to them

Hi Jackie and welcome happy2

If you mean have others found reason or an excuse for various symptoms that have been happening, then yes! It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to see my GP and I only did that because my chiropractor kept telling me that in his opinion everything that had been happening was of a neurological nature. So each time I saw him, he chipped away at me to make an appt with my GP - but I'm glad he did cos he was right. I'd had symptoms for years but kept quiet about them and convinved myself it was because of this or that...

There are a few posts on here about people who have initially been thought to have had a TIA or stroke only then to be told that it may not be after all....

Really it's best to try and keep an open mind. Wait and see what's flagged up in the tests and what the neuro has to say because there are many things that can have similar symptoms.

In the meantime you've come to the right place for a bit of support - everyone here knows how scary limboland can be.

Debbie xx      

Hi Jackie , I was putting it off for years until things I.had to

tell my gp’s who haves.very large health centre. It took quite a.few visits before one.of them referred me to a neuro, and the journey is just beginning, so.yes there are lots of us I’m a limbolander too.
Good luck with dx.


Hi Jackie

The chiropractor bit rings a bell. I went, still felt the same and then went to the was a good job I didn’t see the practice principal, he gave me painkillers and anti-inlamatories 2 1/2 trs ago. I saw another doc, junior partner who referred me to physio, who referred me to neauro sae day, who sent me to hospital. If it hadn’t been or these guys I would. Have. Been. No nearer anything.
The worst thing you can do is ‘google’ symptoms as you will get a shed load of answers.
The stroke doc appears to have their head screwed on, but I would push them oo see a neuro.

Take care


I wouldn’t totally slam google. Without it I probably wouldnt have bothered seeing the GP. Because I was still quite young - I think 19 when stuff started happening although I was on holiday and was convinced that my pains were due to some form of invisible sun burn - my mum was still in control I guess and she dragged me to the docs. I went the first time when I had pins and needles in my hands and feet and was so damn shattered, which wasn’t great for final year uni, and the gp asked for some blood tests as they were positive I was B12 deficient as both my dad and sister are. Not so. Then I got a burning sensation around my middle so mum, who’d done some googling, dragged me back to the doc. She look quite obviously concerned when I went and referred me to a neuro. Mum was worried and wanted to go private because she wanted me to be seen asap do I did, had my first MRI, and I got to keep the photos lol. Neuro said, there’s a little tiny bit of inflammation in the top of your spine which may be a virus. I eouldnt worry, your symptoms will probably disappear. I hope to never have to see you again.

Not so. I had symptoms for years after but didn’t go back till around 2009. I passed off my problems as the damn virus in my neck but when they got really bad the go referred me back through the NHS. Three consultants, many tests and three years later I got diagnosed.

My point Is, all these words later lol, when all the symptoms come, I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on, but you’re in the right place now, and it may take a while but whatever the dx is, you’ll get there! Xxx

It was not a case of don’t use google, but like buying a car, buyer beware. Make an informed judgement from various sources.

thanks everyone have seen neuro there are some lesions on left side of brain just waiting for another mri and lp now , just a case of waiting and hoping for the best x