Need a little encouragement

Hello lovely people,

First I’d like to say thank you for previous help. I just need a little encouragement to push on through for answers.

Little background… March last year all I had was a numb little finger for a week. August I had visual field disturbances and severe hip pain for weeks. November hip pain for a month again and then two months of Neuro symptoms like tingling, burning itching, (in both arms and legs, but much more on left side) worsening with heat, balance issues, face and scalp tingling and even was admitted to the hospital with chest tightness and feeling unable to breath. (Found no physical reason heart wise for this.) And since it all started, debilitating tiredness and ON symptoms.

I’m now left with a different gait, trendelenburg sign positive, have to concentrate on walking as there seems to be less power in my left leg. My chiropractor it’s really concerned as this has happened in six months with no explanation.

And I think it’s starting again. Hip pain for a month and now tingling and chest pain beginning again.

I had a Nero appt in Jan, mri clear. But there was a spot on it which she didn’t address with me. She said migraines. She can’t explain my nystagmus and said about my freezing hands and feet ‘welcome to being a woman’. I just feel she really had decided on migraine before she started and didn’t want to do anything else. I asked what if I have another episode and she said ‘well I’ll see you but don’t know what I can do.’

I just wanted to ask for advice from you lovely lot, if you would push for more answers. I have a two year old, I can’t be in bed for days.

I saw my gp today and said I’d like a second opinion. He told me my Neuro is excellent as he knows her. If she said no ms then no ms. He also said if the MRI was clear then I don’t have ms. I corrected him on this point but he argued with me. He’s done another referral to an ms specialist because I insisted. But it’s the same hospital… :confused:

I just feel a bit bruised from both of the docs. I know some people have seen loads of Neuro docs to get an answer, so really I’ve been through nothing compared to some, but I suppose I’m just asking for advice on a situation such as this.

Thank you.

Kate. X

Even though your GP has been a bit of an ****, you have had a referral to a neuro who knows about MS. Just because they work at the same hospital doesn’t mean that they are likely to be hand in (latex) glove with each other or even like each other or even think that the other is any good at their job! Hang on in there and see what the new guy says. (Although, just because you didn’t agree with the first diagnosis, doesn’t mean that it was wrong - migraine covers a whole load of things, not just “headaches” of course.)

My first consultant was shockingly bad - and wrong too. I was referred to his head of department (a nationally respected professor) because I was so upset with Dr ****. It turned out later that Dr **** actually had a really bad reputation throughout the department (other consultants and MS nurses). Don’t slag off the first consultant when you see the new guy or tell them what you “know” is wrong with you - because that is a surefire way of p*****g off ANY doctor! Just keep your account of your medical history factual and concise (but thorough). Good luck!

My GP at the time thought that my first consultant was very good - she didn’t know him personally but, on paper, he was very experienced and qualified. After my experience with him (and, apparently, that of another patient from the practice) she stopped referring people to him!

Ah thanks for this. It helps when people give you their story. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience in the beginning.

Really great advice, I’ll just answer his questions and see what he has to say. Hopefully as he’s an ms specialist and she wasn’t, might make the difference. It was just the finality of her diagnosis of migraines. With ms I know you can’t really "rule it out " if nothing is on the mri. Even if this new guy says I can’t tell you and we’ll have to watch and wait, that’s all I want, because when/if it does happen again I’m on his list and can call directly.


Hi Kate My neuro diagnosed me with Migraine aura last June, I’ve been taking Propranolol and it doesn’t help with my left sided numbness that I have every single day. I now can’t walk far. I went to the doctors yesterday to say after nearly 12 months I feel it’s not what I have, so she’s referring me to Birmingham. If they too tell me it’s migraine aura then I’ll accept the diagnosis but at least I’ll know for sure. Cat xx

I completely agree with you cat. Thanks for your reply. I don’t dispute that I have migraines, I just think there’s more going on.

I’m taking propanolol also for my heart. But the other symptoms are not going away either.

I really hope you get some answers in Birmingham. :slight_smile: sounds like we’re in the same boat. Keep in touch? Xx

Hi cat,

Just looking through old posts of mine.

How did you get on if you don’t mind me asking? Xx