Is everyones GP so stubborn?

On friday a neurologist and a GP at the hospital told me I have to be refered for an MRI immediatly to speed things up and should get my GP to send me a referal. Today I did this and he got very upset about this, saying he is so sure I just have benign fasciculation syndrome but not even wanting to hear my new symptoms since I saw him 4 weeks ago. It was like he thought other people were going over his authority or something.

Here is my full list of symptoms starting last year, It doesn’t sound like BFS to me :confused: and the GP and neurologist both told me it sound like MS not BFS.

Quick symptoms overview –

· Trigeminal neuralgia right side, on and off for 6 months

· right cheek stays cold for 10 minutes after coming in from outside

· right cheek gets cold when walking down chiller isle in supermarket

· tingling on right cheek

· feeling someone has finger on right cheek

· numb aches around right side of face

· some sensations on left side of face

· random itches that I chase around body when in warm places

· never had any gagging, now gag every time I brush teeth

· small constant intention tremor

· constipation

· 3 attacks of severe tremor lasting several hours in space of 1 week, look like I have parkinsons

· 2 attacks of twitching at same time as tremor attack

· blurry vision, with pain and extreme light sensitivity in left eye, lasts about 8/9 days, no visible irritation.

· Constant tongue fasciculation’s

· Occational muscle twitches/jerks when relaxing.

· burning limbs

· random tingling in all parts of body from head to toe at some point, happens every day

· pins and needles

· individual pin pricks around my body, every 5-10 seconds

· waking with numb hands (but never dead, have full movement)

· numb arms (but never dead, have full movement)

· muscle stiffness/reduced mobility

· fatigue

· heavy legs, often one leg heavier than the other

· shooting/stabbing, sometimes electrical pains around random parts of body

· wobbly weak legs

· when I tense my arms they go into a severe spasm, arms fly from left to right violently, all muscles do this.

· when I move any limbs, especially repeatedly, the judder like a rusty machine.

· everything feels very heavy, dropping things I grab with fingers, trouble with door nobs, lasted 2 days, accompanied by fatigue, blurry vision/light sensitivity in left eye

· tightness under ribs during 2nd tremor attack

· tightness under ribs on left side when trying to sleep

· bumping into things

· when led in bed, feels like whole room is shaking violently#

· dizziness/unbalanced

· trouble tapping left foot when standing, feels awkward and toes come up first, causes pain in foot tendon.

When I scratch myself, even only once, it feels very very raw, different to how it used too.

No not everyone’s GP is like that. Mine was very understanding. I’m confused why the hospital didn’t refer you for an MRI whilst you were there?!? I have friends who work in hospitals and this should have been possible. If your GP isn’t beig helpful maybe it’s time to sign up for a second opinion with someone who’s a little less (I’m right and can’t be wrong)!!! Massive hugs and hope you get it sorted!!!

I don’t know, he said he would email my GP and get it arranged, but he never got the email. He did the referal in the end anyway, and i have been refered to neurologist so will be out of his hands soon anyway.

I read up a lot on BFS when he first said he, I don’t know how he can ignore the blurry vision, neuralgia and the fact you don’t get severe (am i mean severe) tremors with BFS, plus the many other non BFS symptoms.

The hospital told me the first thing the neurologist will do is refer you for an MRI so he just as well do it now, to me that makes sense :confused:

Definitely!!. It’s the first thing my neuro did and is as far as I can tell the main diagnostic tool for MS Hope you get the MRI sorted quickly, mine was only a four week wait so I can’t complain too much. It’s a shame your GP seems so single minded, most GP’s I’ve had experience with are pretty open minded as to what your health problem could be.

Well, judging by your list of symptoms it certainly sounds like MS. I can identify fully with some of the symptoms you have had. I can’t understand why the hospital neuro didn’t refer you for an mri . The least that he could have done was have sent a letter to your GP explaining what they wanted him to do, not left it up to you to ask. I’m lucky with my gp, as soon as I explained that my left side had been numb for six weeks he immediately referred me to neurology. I hope that you get your mri soon.

yeah, he said he would email but he never did, oh well.

My numbness always comes in the night, it wakes me up, but it’s very different to when you sleep on your arm, their is no deadness, i have full mobility, and the numbness is a very different feeling to when you have a dead arm, my hands feel like their coated in leather. But the moment i wake up properly it starts to go, but their is also no pain after like when you sleep on your arm.

Hi Mreed

I know how you feel when you say your hands feel like they are coated in leather. I get this in my right arm all the way down to my hand. I feel like Darth Vader at times!.

Mine also comes more at night but I put this down to problems/ issues (lesions probably) with my spine whilst laid in bed.

Best of luck

Ok first and foremost the hospital gp and neurologist around have done the MRI referral then and there as it would have sped things up. By sending you back to your gp and asking for him to do the referral they are basically cost saving. By doing it through the gp it comes out of the gp’s practice budget instead of the hospitals budget - so very naughty of them! Sorry to hear of your symptoms. Trogeminal neuralgia can actually cause all of the symptoms that you’ve written however its uncommon to have all of them and it does sound like something else is going on. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon - best of luck on the tests x

Yes I know, i’ve not had trigeminal neuralgia for about 9 months though, I just have like little reminders, small feelings in the face. nothing painful. Then 5 weeks ago all this other stuff came, attacks of really bad tremors, fatigue, problems with left eye, fasciculations. When the eye started to get better everything else started to clear up and i felt so much better. I still have twitches, but not very often, it’s very very minor.

But my general tremor is worse than before, and something is not right with my muscles, everything is kinda rusty. You should see what happens when i clench a muscle

If i tense my arms with them held out, they fly all over the place, like they are all working against eachother. I’ve yet to find any reference to this no matter how hard i’ve looked. Even the neurologist looked shocked when he saw it.

Sounds like you’re having a tough time and I hope they get to the bottom of it soon. Hugs in the meantime x

lol, just phoned hospital again, they gave wrong fax number last time and they still don’t have my referal for neurologist. amazing!