Is everyones GP so stubborn?

On friday a neurologist and a GP at the hospital told me I have to be refered for an MRI immediatly to speed things up and should get my GP to send me a referal. Today I did this and he got very upset about this, saying he is so sure I just have benign fasciculation syndrome but not even wanting to hear my new symptoms since I saw him 4 weeks ago. It was like he thought other people were going over his authority or something.

Here is my full list of symptoms starting last year, It doesn’t sound like BFS to me :confused: and the GP and neurologist both told me it sound like MS not BFS.

Quick symptoms overview –

· Trigeminal neuralgia right side, on and off for 6 months

· right cheek stays cold for 10 minutes after coming in from outside

· right cheek gets cold when walking down chiller isle in supermarket

· tingling on right cheek

· feeling someone has finger on right cheek

· numb aches around right side of face

· some sensations on left side of face

· random itches that I chase around body when in warm places

· never had any gagging, now gag every time I brush teeth

· small constant intention tremor

· constipation

· 3 attacks of severe tremor lasting several hours in space of 1 week, look like I have parkinsons

· 2 attacks of twitching at same time as tremor attack

· blurry vision, with pain and extreme light sensitivity in left eye, lasts about 8/9 days, no visible irritation.

· Constant tongue fasciculation’s

· Occational muscle twitches/jerks when relaxing.

· burning limbs

· random tingling in all parts of body from head to toe at some point, happens every day

· pins and needles

· individual pin pricks around my body, every 5-10 seconds

· waking with numb hands (but never dead, have full movement)

· numb arms (but never dead, have full movement)

· muscle stiffness/reduced mobility

· fatigue

· heavy legs, often one leg heavier than the other

· shooting/stabbing, sometimes electrical pains around random parts of body

· wobbly weak legs

· when I tense my arms they go into a severe spasm, arms fly from left to right violently, all muscles do this.

· when I move any limbs, especially repeatedly, the judder like a rusty machine.

· everything feels very heavy, dropping things I grab with fingers, trouble with door nobs, lasted 2 days, accompanied by fatigue, blurry vision/light sensitivity in left eye

· tightness under ribs during 2nd tremor attack

· tightness under ribs on left side when trying to sleep

· bumping into things

· when led in bed, feels like whole room is shaking violently#

· dizziness/unbalanced

· trouble tapping left foot when standing, feels awkward and toes come up first, causes pain in foot tendon.

When I scratch myself, even only once, it feels very very raw, different to how it used too.

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