New symptoms tingling in head

Hi, I’ve posted on here a couple of times about symptoms I’ve had recently. Firstly was pain in right eye on movement, secondly was pain opening jaw which radiated into my head. Now I am getting tingling sensations on left side of face, just by my temple. I’ve also had bladder problems and suffer extreme tiredness to the point of were I’m napping in the afternoon, something I’ve never done before. I’ve not had an mri scan and am due at my doctors tomorrow.

Hi Jen

I’ve never experienced Trigeminal Neuralgia but does this sound like your your head / face pains have been like?

Obviously if that’s what you’ve had, added to bladder problems and fatigue, you could ascribe them all to MS. But, sadly there are other diseases / diseases which could also be responsible.

Only after you’ve been seen by a neurologist, had a neurological exam, been given an MRI and possibly other tests, lumber puncture and / or visual evoked potentials, can the neurologist determine whether it is in fact MS.

So when you see your GP, explain all the symptoms you’ve had, and ask for a referral to a neurologist. If I were you, I wouldn’t tell either your GP or the neurologist that you suspect MS could be responsible. The medical profession don’t like patients self diagnosing. Just ask whether the GP thinks it could be neurological and will they refer you?

Hopefully the appointment will go exactly as you want it to. And with a bit of luck, the neurologist won’t have a long waiting list.


I know it’s been about 6 months since you posted this but I just recently have started having facial pain on the right side of my face which was so unbearable I couldn’t eat or sleep and at first I thought I had a horrible sinus infection I went to the Dr for and was takimg antibiotics off and on for like 2 months with no relief and then it spread into my upper and lower teeth and jaw that I even went to the dentist which he said it was just my sinuses and sent me home with more antibiotics and referral of claritim d ugh. Well it got even worse to the point I was ready to go to the er at 5am new years day and wound up goimg to urgent care where that dr caught that it was none of the above but thinks it’s highly likely trtrigenimal neuralgia which after being explained what it was it was like that at hah moment of exactly why my ear has always hurt in the past but Dr said my ear was clear. I called my MS Dr immediately and she called in some Gabapintin which has been a total God send and I went in for an MRI last Thursday and am so nerve wrecked for the results. I’ve had MS since I was 16 and I’m now 32 so anytime these things happen it turns me into a nervous wreck. What did the Dr and up saying about your MRI?