I had a suspected TIA in April this year and after months of blood tests and scans as I am only 45 it was considered unusual,I turned up to my discharge meeting on Wednesday to be told by a very nervous junior doctor that there was no damage to my brain from a tia but my results were being discussed in a meeting as MS was suspected after my MRI results. This was such a shock as I wasn’t aware of any symptoms of MS and until Wednesday this was not mentioned by anyone else.

does anyone know what this meeting is and how long it will take before they let me know. This information has blown my mind,

Hi Poppins

​assuming you are in UK…

The neurology team will discuss you at their multidisciplinary meeting (regular monthly meeting), to look at your results and decide what has caused your symptoms and what treatment they will offer going forward.

You may not hear for weeks, but every hospital is different.

Was your MRI just of your brain? If so, you will most likely be offered a full brain and spine MRI, possibly with contrast, so they can get a better idea of what’s going on. Maybe other tests will be necessary.

If they do diagnose MS you will be assigned an MS nurse and possibly start a DMD (disease modifying drug).

Try not to panic. It does seem a long time when you’re waiting for answers - you’ve entered the scary land of Limbo. But you’re not alone, we’ve all been there and we all visit often!

Like you, I was also dx with a TIA first, in 2014. I was 56. Then in June 2015 dx was changed to RRMS following admittance to A&E with new symptoms.

You can prepare for your next appointment by keeping a detailed record of any/all symptoms - when they started, severity, duration, what you were doing before they started, etc.

There is a lot of excellent advice and information on this forum but until you have a definate dx don’t get too entrenched, there’re a lot of other possible causes for your symptoms.

Final bit of advice is stay off Google - that way madness lies.


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Snap!! I was 40 when I was taken to A&E after collapsing in a supermarket. I had an episode the previous day of loss of control down my left side & dropped a cup of tea. I put this down to stress, as I had just completed my science degree. I was admitted on the sunday & diagnosed on the wednesday, I had no idea it could be MS. 29th August 2005, never forget it, anniversary coming up! You will get loads of support here, wish I’d been as sensible & joined when I found out. I’m really hoping it’s not a long drawn out process for you, but remember, your not alone. Take care Tracey x

Ditto here.

Three episodes of right side paralysis in as many days. The third one wouldn’t end. Ambulance, A&E Saturday, mri, bloods etc , MS confirmed Monday! That was two years ago, and I still have days when I struggle to take it in.

Thanks for your friendly advice. I had one episode of left side paralysis the whole of my left side went numb, I didn’t call an ambulance just popped to gp after the weekend, they sent me to a stroke clinic in April this year, to my horror stopped me driving my car for four weeks cos they thought I might have a full blown stroke, being the stubborn person I am I didn’t take time off work, they tested my blood for everything that could cause a stroke, I had a bubble study done, 72 hour heart monitor, and god knows what other test, and they sent me for an MRI because they found absolutely nothing, I was expecting to be discharged from the stroke clinic on Wednesday this week, turned up on my own as no one had even mentioned or considered anything else, I don’t tend to think about symptoms and put most things down to being over forty, so wouldn’t know if I had any symptoms. This has totally blown my mind, I haven’t been able to think about anything else at all since Wednesday, it seems very cruel to tell someone something as life changing as ‘you might have ms’ then leave them in limbo indefinitely until they find the time to confirm or not, would rather live in blissful ignorance.