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With a few additional complications, sorry as usual long post coming.

I’ve got an ant crawling on me, but it’s teleporting itself anywhere on my body! This is causing me to itch, and it’s worse when I’m laying down, but I’ve got the additional really creepy complication that I found what I think was a couple of bed bugs in my bedroom just before this feeling started, I started feeling like antsy was on me pretty much straight away so I don’t know what’s real or imaginary.

Since then I’ve only had a couple of good nights sleeping in my bed and have only got that relief after my OH blathered my back and I did my legs, feet and arms with vapour rub, the benefits being it cools the skin and bugs hate the smell and won’t come near me so I felt properly relaxed thinking that I’m not going to get bitten. Unfortunately like everything else, he got bored doing this after a few days because it wasn’t to his benefit so now he’s stopped and just wants to go nuts at me for not sleeping in my bed!

My problem is I haven’t told him about the bed bugs because I know from past experience he won’t believe me, if I prove I’ve got them then I’m the one at fault, and it’s my problem, unless I can prove that he’s got them as well.

The bug traps on the market seem either cheap and ineffective or expensive to buy to prove a negative and I don’t know which rooms might be infested or not, I even contemplated doing something really wicked and taking things into his room to try to make sure that the infestation spreads but that seems evil, ineffective and stupid because that puts up the price of fumigation should we need it.

It’s also unlikely that he will notice anything for months, it’s likely that they’ll spread into the living room first before that happens which is the only place I’ve been getting any sleep! So pretty stupid really.

I’m tired and not thinking straight so getting confused about what the heck I’m going to do. This situation is getting more complicated by the day.

Hoping another opinion might be helpful

OK - so are you getting bed bug bites?

Hello Hank, luckily I’ve not seen any evidence of a reaction to any bites, but i have squashed a few bugs that where very bloody, so much so that i think they had recently fed before their dispatch judging by the amount of blood.
I’ve read that when they bite you don’t feel it until several days later when the itching starts from the histamine levels increasing in the area of the bite. And now that I’m coated with vapour rub in bed at night I don’t think anything will come near me as bugs hate the smell of menthol.
But even when I’m sitting watching tv I keep getting the feeling of something creepy on my skin.

I know from experience that the very thought of infestation can be a nightmare. We used to have a cat that would often pick up fleas from somewhere ( he was free to go in and out). When he had a bad infestation we would spray the whole house, vacuum everything and give him treatments. As you say though, we became very sensitive to the slightest of itches and you start imagining insects crawling up trouser legs etc. Just to be ultra careful we also sprayed for bed bugs ( spraying along the edge of carpets, any cracks in floor boards etc) , wrapped double sided sticky tape around bed legs and also spread Vaseline on them. We also bought a bed bug proof mattress case - the idea being that if there were any bed bugs hiding in the mattress the cover would stop them getting out. It was all a bit alarming and unsettling. To this day we don’t know if there were any bed bugs but with lots of treatment the fleas disappeared ( and last year the cat reached the natural end of his 18 years life).

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