Not quite us,but..............Wish I could remember where I found it

If like me you’re alone,there will be somebody out there who will give you unconditional love and face life and the[exceptionally filtered phrase] that it throws around…All you have to do is find them.Don’t ask me for advice,I’m no good at the ‘game’ presently.Ye Olde Quill Buddies was a handy place.

I will say that changing things around you, your attitude and ‘putting yourself about’ may help.It’s what is inside that matters,but decent ‘Soft Ware’ is down the list of important attributes.I find a pulse to be desirable,and I’m not talking legumes.

Be Lucky,


What fantastic timing wobbly. I’m on my own too and was feeling a bit sorry for myself. Just joined a dating site actually. Going to try to remember that I’m actually a good catch and see where it takes me.

Good effort,but if you have no experience of such places,may I humbly suggest that you talk to a Girl that has.OK now you’ve done that,honesty,honesty,honesty.There are no Mods and ‘Creep City’ may be appropriate.I think the more you pay the better, and the biggest free one is a very sad lonely place …I did have 3 years with a Girl from that site and the first 2 where brilliant,then her eyes got better

She’s been gone since last Summer and I still miss Billy,her cat.I am good at spotting disabled girls,some of whom aren’t open and honest,but the mutant non disabled type aren’t interested in somebody who doesn’t measure up to the standards that Society insists they adhere to

There is a free disabled Web Site,which thinks I own a helicopter,so I can visit some of suggestions it makes.The American ones are interesting and the foreign prostitutes give their address as Heathrow or Gatwick…Never Manchester or Liverpool

Happy hunting,ooh that’s un PC…May your dreams come true

Wb x

I know, it’s a scary place out there in virtual dating land. I did have six months on but have ventured onto the big free one (and found that most of them are on match too). I’m too timid really. Quite ok with chatting online but a bit scared of biting the bullet and meeting them in real life. Am seeing one guy - sort of - but I think he’s just stringing me along till he finds ‘the one’. Doesn’t make me feel great about myself so maybe it’s time to knock that one on the head. So to speak.

Wobbly…you usually send us funnies to read and that`s about all.

Underneath all the jovial front is a nice guy…well I think you are, but…I dunno really.

Anyway, your words give the impression you are a lonely soul, who has had his heart broken more than once (I have too, before I was married).

Dating sites could be a good idea, but care must be taken,as you already have said.

I hope you find Miss Right…she`s out there somewhere hun.

luv Pollx

Hi hun. Do be careful with the dating sites. My daughter has found someone there and they`ve been going out for 11 months. Now he is just getting to know her children and they all get on well.

Some folk have met via this site and ended up happy together.

Good luck love and yes, never forget what a great gal you are!

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll. It’s scary! Just arranging a date with someone actually. Already worried that if I don’t tell him in advance that I have ms that I’m being deceitful. I do have a tendency to overthink things!

l did think about going to one of those ‘Speed Dating’ sessions - but by the time l got up out of my seat to go to another the bell would have been rung. Then, of course, l would need help getting to the loo. By the time l got back to my seat - all the best guys would have been picked.

I thought about Speed Dating,but couldn’t find out if they supplied it or you have to take your own.


Wb - l always find that dates make me speed - if l eat too many.

Christmas must be a treat round your place,and a bumper pack of Labrador Puppy Soft, must be very well received

Wb x


i am standing here beside you.

in my mind of course, that where i give and get alot of love/support (some provided by you and ur emails over the past X years)

my body is goosed, my mind is struggling but every now and then i am part of the real world

e xxx

Good luck with the date. But dont rush to tell anyone, as you may not click with them.

if further dates follow, then maybe mention your condition then.

luv Pollx