Not ON but still in pain :-(

Well the ophthalmologist looked at my eyes and said it wasn't ON - I wasn't expecting it to be as my colour vision felt normal but it was nice to have the reassurance.

Going to see my dentist this thursday if I can just in case it's related to some work I had done on my teeth over two weeks ago. If not I can't think what else it could be aside from TN - whatever is causing my eye pain it's bloody painful. I don't feel like doing anything this evenng - hope I'm ok to make work tomorrow. I've managed to struggle along with all my symptoms up to now but I think if my head/eye are killing like this tomorrow I won't be in a state to work :-( 



Hi Reemz x Glad it's not ON but sorry you are in pain x take the day off work f you can and get some rest xxxjenxxx

Migraine maybe? I get eye pain with mine and migraines can last for days if untreated.
Hope it improves soon!
Karen x

PS Migraine can cause nonspecific lesions and neurological problems. Possible cause of your problems???

Never been someone who suffered from headaches or migraines before ever. No family history of it either - I did ask the neuros at the time and they didn't feel I had migraine but yes they could most certainly cause neuro symptoms. I also thought maybe sinus initially -but I've had sinus pain and problems before and this doesn't feel like that.

Managed to drag myself into work but feel like I have two speeds - slow and stop!

Whatever it is I really hope it goes away like it came.It really is a pain in the butt!