Not ok

Hi guys, help !!! I do not get what is happening right now.

I am trying to get a grip on what is physical & what is emotional.

ok, it’s probably simple, I think I am mid relaps. I have been trying to not accept its happening.



time to be strong, or to just give up ?

there is nothing ‘simple’ about m.s. tell us what exactly your physical problems are and how you feel at the moment.

it’s time to call your ms nurse to inform him or her.

you needn’t be strong when you are feeling so bad.

you absolutely must NOT give up,

what i prescribe is a warm bed with a servant bringing you cuppas and nibbles.

if no servants are around make a flask and take it to bed with you.

if you have a cat , a dog or children get some cuddle time.

feel better soon

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Tell us what’s going on. With your body and your head.

Do you have support? Family/friends nearby who you can call on for help?

If you tell us what problems you are facing, we might be able to help.