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I have just joined today , had a another relapse 7 weeks ago and struggling to cope physically , mentally, and emotionally, I feel so mad , frustrated, down, I could just scream , after every relapse there is damage , and eventually i learn to accept the new limitations!! , but this time I am really struggling too, I just cry :cry: all the time , need some positivity and reassurance that Iโ€™m not losing my mind :exploding_head:


Your not on your own feeling like this. I am in limbo just now and yeah totally get it. Still learning myself but here to support you

I get where you are coming from Samlee. MS can be a bit of a mean bully, and sometimes it is smarter to just back off and bide your time. You WILL have some small but sweet victories. Although it is much easier said than done, try not to waste too much energy being angry or frustrated. When you need to briefly rant / scream / bellow do it here where others will empathise without judging. I hope you can develop some successful strategies to give this thug a black eye.

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Thank you , itโ€™s good to know people are there to offer support, and who know how you are feeling , it does help , should of reached out years ago :blush:

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Thanks Suzy 16 here to support as well.

Hello Samlee

Welcome to the forum.

I can completely see why you want to scream your head off. For my money, I think screaming is probably healthier than crying.

MS is a git. Thatโ€™s official. Even my rehabilitation neurological specialist doctor agrees!

So having relapses from which you only get partial remission is the pits. Are you on a disease modifying drug? And is it failing or is it just not expected to be terribly effective? Perhaps you could talk to your neurologist about switching drugs?

If youโ€™re not on a DMD, perhaps you could consider taking one. Again, talk to your neurologist and / or your MS nurse. Have a look at MS Decisions aid | MS Trust if youโ€™ve not seen it before.

Best of luck.


Welcome to join here!

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