Not myself

Hi all I was just wondering if any of you feel like this; I have horrible mood swings, if i was to get into an arguement, for example, with my partner, I turn into a horrible person and rip into her and I say such nasty things. Once i have calmed down I look back and think “what the hell happened there” Its like somthing takes over that i dont have control of. I would like to know if any of you feel like this. Ive not always been like this and my moods just seem to be getting worse. Reagrds, Emma

Hi Emma, perhaps you could speak top doc about the problem…maybe they`ll suggest pills or anger management.

luv Polllx

I get really bad mood swings. The worst part of mine is I can snap with no warning and can be pretty relentless with it. Then 5 mins later I’m either bawling my eyes out or laughing. I’m more snappy when I’m tired and stupid things can trigger it off as well.

I agree with Poll though docs is best bet. I know some DMDs can affect moods, although it’s possibly only depression but worth a chat to your MS nurse as well if you have one you can get a hold of and is helpful.

Hi Emma, I had these really bad about 6mths before my first big relapse, I was even taking on men in car parks, not good, now I was dx’d 6yrs ago and although I do get slight moods swings I get nothing like that anymore, thank god, now I’m not saying these are relapses, but what I think is it might depend where the lesions are situated on the brain, I have some that are in the area that affects mood, maybe you do, ask the question, take care, x x