NOT MS. My blog on meaning of christmas

Depression. I am depressed and hate this time of the year, and inexplicitly kept hearing this rhyme in my head, the goose is getting fat pleased put a penny in the old mans hat, i have no idea why lol.

so decided to sit back and think about Christmas and its meaning. I actually find writing soothes me. I forget about my pain which is pretty much plenty right now. Do any of you have another way to cope with your pain without taking drugs?

It also helps my depression too. I have no idea where the desire came to write anything. My father was a writer and would like me wake up early and grab his book and write stuff even poems.

Maybe i follow after him.

Anyway any thoughts.

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Hi Crazy Chick,

I enjoyed the blog. The ongoing issue of what the true meaning of Christmas should be, giving and not receiving and not going into debt for throw away items. Having a good time with friends and family 'making great memories.

Probably why I always watch / read ‘A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens’

kind regards


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Depression is one of the worse effects of MS that I have & yes pain, but this time of the year makes me even worse - season of goodwill my @r5e - season of greed & truble for the poor & people wanting to please or be nice to family members we can’t stand… I know its not for everyone but the true meaning of Christmas has gone for alot of the population & the only bit i enjoy is going to church on Christmas morning & seeing my neighbours & friends & wishing them well - does put a smile on my face. Don’t even start me with Halloween…bah humbug

Hi crazy chick, Really enjoyed reading through your blog this morning when i couldn’t get back to sleep worrying about starting mavenclad. Thank you for the stories there, I especially enjoyed the hedgehog tale from your garden. Katy