Not ms I am furious !!!!!!

grrrrrrrrr i really need to vent, a few weeks ago i orderd 2 pr of curtains from a well known selling site, they needed to be shortened so i had to pay £40 for them doing, picked them up, then my other half hung them up, thats when i saw how badly made they were, they were falling apart in places and when pulled on the stripes at the top didnt meet so looked really awful,

there was no way of knowing this until they were hung up, so i emailed the seller and because ive had them shortened theres not a thing i can do to get them exchanged or a refund of £150,so i have lost £190 i am so annoyed,both the seller and the well known site said its my fault, i have emailed and explained but i have lost £190,and cant afford to loose that much money

then to top it all i orderd 2 outdoor lights from the same site… and only one has turned up and i paid for 2,so i am in dispute with them now,as they say they sent 2,it says on t my order that i orderd 2, and it says 2 on the delivery note,but there was only 1 in the b****y box so its my word agains theres, so looks like ive lost another £40 there too, what a day i feel so angry i really do.

is it ebay?

my son has made a lot of complaints to them.

it’s worth listening in to his phone calls.

“just letting you know that i am recording this call” to start with and then i end up feeling sorry for the poor barsteward at the other end.

carole x

no its Amazon,i feel like never using them again,after all this hassle,in future i will use a credit card and then i will be coverd,just wish i had this time

I am still not sure you would be covered if you had already made alterations to the goods.

This is a very hard way to learn, and I do feel sorry for you, but once you have altered something in such a way that it couldn’t be resold, you have demonstrated acceptance.

So always be sure you are satisfied with the quality and suitability before you do anything that can’t be undone. The seller can hardly be expected to exchange or refund goods you’ve already modified. That is where the problem lies. Amazon are usually very good, and will refund things no-questions-asked, as long as you return them in their original condition. Once you’ve altered them, you’ve treated them as if you wanted to keep them, and made it impossible for the seller to take them back.

The credit card company would view it the same way. They wouldn’t just pay up, no questions asked. They’d look into the matter, and when it came out you’d already had the purchase altered before you complained about it, they’d realise why the seller wouldn’t refund or exchange.

Apart from anything else, it would now be very difficult for you to prove the poor quality was the seller’s fault. They could argue the problems were due to a botched alteration which had nothing to do with them, and that if there had been problems before that, you should have said.




no its Amazon,i feel like never using them again,after all this hassle,in future i will use a credit card and then i will be coverd,just wish i had this time

[/quote] amazon has a means off complaining and claiming back and exchanging through their website every thing then in writing I have done it successfully just keep on at them also put it in their feedback good luck g

amazon have closed the case and will not help me at all, they said because the curtains have been alterd there is nothing i can do at all,and that the seller is right and i am wrong.

they should be covered by the act 'not fit for purpose ’

try this government website

l can imagine how furious and frustrated you feel. Did the company supplying the curtains do the alterations. Apart from the stripes not matching - you say they were very badly made. Well that is ‘NOT FIT FOR THE PURPOSE’ so you must get back to Amazon - as it is them that should put it right.

ln future - if ever you need to shorten curtains - the way to do it is to take off the header tape. Then cut off the material at the top of the curtain to the desired length and re-sew the heading tape back on. This retains the original neat hem. Obviously, you cannot do this with the ring top type.

Keep on to them - and certainly make sure that on the ‘reviews’ you give them a real blasting. l always read the reviews before buying anything. Nobody wants a negative feedback - Amazon or Ebay.

l do wish you luck - and l do feel you should be getting a better response.

Recently, l have had to complain to Ebay - when l had ordered - like you - two outside solar lights and had only received on in the box. They quickly rectified it. Also a dress l ordered - after 3weeks had not arrived and Ebay arranged a refund.

Oh dear, what an expensive mistake.

It isnt always possible to check purchases, like how many lights were in the box, because delivery drivers dont hang about.

Sometimes, Ive had them write..not checked` on the delivery note.

Maybe you`ve lost out with the curtains, but the lights issue should be challenged I reckon.


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thanks for all you replies, there is nothing i can do about the curtains, because ive had them alterd,so its my fault,but at least i have learnt my lesson now, i have calmed down now too, i should have checked them before i took them to be alterd,but i just didnt think to,i have just put it down to a costly mistake,its not the end of the world,but i was so upset yesterday,i was more frustrated than anything.

The light company are sending me another light, they believe me that there was only one in the box,they asked me to send them a photo of the box it came in,and you can see,there was only room for one light,so thats good.

J x