Not ms - butterflies an inspirational saying!

I’m not a religious person but I heard this saying and thought I would share it with you all as its a nice thought ‘butterflies are gods way of letting us know we get a second chance at life’

Hi Karen, that`s lovely!

luv Pollx

This last spring and summer has not been very good to our bees and butterflies - A friend of mine got me lots of lovely plants for the garden - at the moment they are in tubs and hanging baskets - but they are a magnet to the lovely bees and flutterbies.

We have several large Sedums - and they have been covered in them this last weekend. My cousin and her hubby came to stay with us for a long weekend - and they were thrilled to see the lovely butterflies. We had Peacocks/Brimstones etc. and we saw a huge caterpillar which is a Death Head Hawkmoth - we moved it so that it did not get gobbled up by the ducks!!! These caterpillars are massive. Our broccoli - which was growing beautifully - and we were looking forward to eating it - has been completely eaten away by caterpillars - they are just skeletons now - l joked to my cousin that they were a very rare plant and supposed to look like that. This is even with a fine mesh net secured over the plants. Still l hope they enjoyed their feed and will change into lovely butterflies.[ We can always buy broccoli from the supermarket]


The slugs have been eating my carrots - butterflies and caterpillars I don’t mind if they have a nibble on them - but slugs - don’t see the point in them! Still they are all innocent creatures after all I suppose!