Not MS but what a flipping pest, 2 words vine weevils! I use to not mind these things they don’t bite, they move slowly (a soul mate, no more!) their grubs eat the roots of plants. Ignorant or what be afraid of any ‘new’ plants given that months later will kill your beloved old ones!

Cheers guys, be safe take care Mx

I have two rose bushes in tubs by my front door. A blue moon and a fragrant cloud.

One hint of green fly and I will charge screaming at them with a flappy newspaper. I will kill them.

No Steve, that will only blow them away!

Get a hand plant mister/spray bottle and fill it with soapy water. Green fly really don’t like a wash and shave. Spray away to your hearts content and your Moon and Cloud will be fine.

God, your going to think this is horrible​ my Grandad used to grow prize winning roses, his secret to pest control was wee, not sure I’d do it on house plants though!!! xx

That must be why Rose bushes look awesome, when on a dog walking path. Plenty of dogs to keep them watered.

Look after yourselves folks. Taking the piss out of anything is the lowest form of wit.

The roses need watering. The Chelsea flower show is approaching.

Cheers folks, I’ve calmed down now. 'Lesser of 2 weevils’M x

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Now got the song “oops there goes another tuner tree plant” driving me mad. Was that the boll weaval song? Google here I come


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Frank Sinatra “high hopes”