Fell over & broke my little bird feeder :(

Just awakened by unusually close sound of mowing, to discover my kind neighbour cutting my grass without prompting.

Popped out the back door to thank him and have a quick chat (his mum recently died), but on the way back in, stumbled into the back door, on which I had one of those little transparent feeders mounted, cut my arm open on it (which I don’t care about - it’s not serious), but also broke the feeder - which I do care about.

This is like one of those good news, bad news jokes, isn’t it? Good news: my neighbour did me a favour! Bad news: had an accident whilst trying to thank him, and damaged both me, and something I want.

The arm is repairable without emergency assistance, the feeder won’t be. I have some plastic glue, but it’s quite a jagged break - beyond my talents I think, and also I’d be concerned about using the glue on anything that’s subsequently going to hold bird food, in case it proves toxic to birds (has all the usual precautions about: “Use in a well-ventilated area” etc.)


The only slight blessing is my neighbour, whom I’d just been chatting to, didn’t actually see me inexplicably walk into a bird feeder and damage both it and me, so I was spared the humiliation of looking like a complete drunk (he does know I have MS though, or he wouldn’t be doing the grass.)

I’m right royally fed up now.

What with the throat infection (or whatever), and now I’m breaking stuff and cutting my arm open.

I realise the two things might be connected, as any infection might be making the MS worse - which could be why I’m more accident prone.

The birds never took to the feeder much, so I don’t know if it’s really worth replacing. But it was a cute thing I hadn’t given up on yet.


OK, they’re only about a tenner to replace, so I suppose I’ll get round to ordering another one.

Doesn’t seem worth the effort of a fiddly repair for the sake of a tenner.

Tina! So sorry life’s treating you bad right now! Hope you can get your germs smited as soon as possible!