Not MS - about a Panasonic combi oven

I’m posting on here out of desperation. I have asked everybody. Googled to death and phoned the Panasonic customer care line twice.

Can somebody help please?

I took delivery of a brand new Panasonic Combination microwave / convection oven with grill today. It replaces my old one that died.

The grill element at the top of the cavity is supposed to be on when grilling, that’s obvious, but it stays on when using the convection oven. I don’t want the grill element on grilling the food I’m baking! Who wants grilled cakes? It means I can’t roast meat in a roasting bag because you can’t put a roasting bad under the grill.

The first time I rang Panasonic it was an obvious foreign call centre and I had trouble understanding the girl I was talking to. I asked her how to turn the grill element off. She went away and came back and told me ‘you can’t’ it’s made that way. The grill element heats the oven. I asked her how to use a roasting bag and how to stop cakes getting grilled and she reassured me that they won’t grill.

Unconvinced I rang back again and asked the same question to another operator. This time a man I could understand much better. He said the grill element should be OFF when using the oven and it is faulty.

Two different answers from customer services. Does anybody know how these things operate?

Thank you - Flo xx

I can’t comment on combi oven, I do know my mums ordinary oven has an element showing when turned on, I thought there was a missing cover but she says it’s always been like that. I’ve been staying with her and worried about the roasting bag touching the element I just made sure it was on a low enough shelf.

Hope you get it sorted soon.

Jan x

I’ve got a combi microwave, but surely it came with a manual? Mines a Panasonic 1000w. Three buttons at the top MICROPOWER - GRILL - COMBI

I havent used the combi bit much, But the instructions are in the manual, I’m pretty sure.

Hi Florence our one has only one element to do both you will have two metal stands a tall one for grilling and a short one for roasting or baking use the short one for your roasting bag it will be fine it’s quite clear in the instructions.


have you still got the receipt?

did you buy it from a shop?

if yes to both questions, take it back as it is not fit for purpose.

if you bought it online it may be tricky to find out how to return it but i’m sure it cn be done.


hillbilly’s reply is spot on!

i have a ‘bush’ cooker but does exactly the same as the one u describe.

theres nowt wrong or missing with yours from what u say.

if u havent got the instruction booklet then u will find them online.

enjoy ur new appliance!


No the instructions are no help.

Thank you everybody.

I rang John Lewis and spoke a very helpful young lady. She rang Panasonic herself and came back with an answer. Yes the grill elements are on when using the oven but the fan blows the heat around so there are no hot spots by the grill elements and nothing should burn. Roasting bags should be fine.

She told me to try it and if I have a problem John Lewis will take it back.

But I must say it came with a very thick book of instructions and there is nothing about the heating elements in it.

Anyway, thank you for your answers and I’m glad I bought it from John Lewis.

Would people get that response from Curry’s??? Don’t know!

i had no end of problems with curry’s.

i bought a fridge freezer and a washing machine on the same day.

within 2 weeks they had both stopped working.

so john lewis it is from now on!

I originally ordered this oven from Curry’s and they sent the wrong model. I sent it back and reordered it from John Lewis. And guess what? John Lewis had it £10 cheaper than Curry’s.

From now on I’m a John Lewis person…and proud of it!

hi well i was about to send you this I found it straight away. its meant to be on.

enjoy. xx


to be honest i hate combination microwaves. I much prefer to work with a normal microwave and a halogen, its so much easier and cheaper too.

Hubby has to do the cooking so whatever makes it easier for him because he’s no Delia Smith xx