Heat-up food... any favourites?

Hi gang, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has those days where all I can manage is freezer-to-oven or microwave!

Trouble is finding good ‘heat-ups’. For lunch I had a Tesco lasagna which was a sloppy and tasteless mess! Yuk. So disappointing when you like your grub and end up with something like that.

One of my favourites is Sainsburys ‘taste the difference’ fish pie. Really delicious and has salmon, smoked haddock and prawns.

Any recommendations? Does anyone know of a good lasagne?

Hope you’re all ok out there,

Pat x

The ones I love are M&S Healthy and Nutritious range, really yummy and most have no allergans in either (I try to stick to mainly gluten free) and quite a lot of tesco finest are quite good. But all of those are the expensive ones so I look for 3 for 2 deals etc. if I’m buying those.

A good putaway if Look What We Found (LWWF) - I discovered them when I went GF- they don’t need refridgeration either and are really long life - that doesn’t sound too appetising BUT they do taste really fresh and they’re pretty ethical too in sourcing their meat etc. Actually there’s lots of good things to say as they send offers through and if you spend £40 (which is a big box) you get free shipping and there’s cash back against orders etc. The only downside is they aren’t big portions so better for lunches (and they do soups too) but the Rose Veal Stroganoff is very good with a packet of those fries that go in the microwave :slight_smile: My husband calls it my petfood (tear off tops) and will check I have petfood in if he’s going out, it just needs heating up so in a pan or microwave.

I actually am ham-handed enough these days to make a mess dishing up a ready meal so the LWWF and micrwave fries are a bonus for me. That and rice puddings in pots :wink:

Sonia x

Thanks for the tip Sonia… will check them out.

The easier the better!

And I love those rice puddings in pots. My favourite is Rachel’s organic rice pudding. Yummy!

Have a nice evening hon,

Pat x

I’m about 99% certain that the Somerfield ones are M&S ones with a bit of numeg on top and cheaper (unless the M&S ones are on spesh)

Yes, I am really quite sad on this but when my weight went as low as 6st 3lb I panicked… a LOT!

There’s only so much a person can overeat but I’ve tried it. Thankfully LDN has kicked that into touch now and I’m still a very slight 7st 9lb but that’s where I was and it feels much nicer.

Sonia x

I make lasagne with “chosen by you” Bolognese and asda’s own white lasagne sauce jars. I add onion, garlic and mushrooms but make a few on good days and freeze them. The ones I’ve frozen are even nicer than the one I have that night. One jar of each can make 5 single portions so definitely worth it. Don’t get the ready made version from Aldi, it’s really awful.

Cath xx

I tried the Waitrose ready made lasagne a couple of weeks ago…it was delicious. The nearest to home made I’ve ever tried. Hope everyone is doing well. Nina x

If you want a really good meal with minimal effort, Aldi have lamb shanks in mint sauce, just dump them in the slow cooker for a few hours, along with frozen veg and frozen roast potatoes which are just put in the oven I have my easy version of a fantastic Sunday roast.

I’m becoming really good at eating well with no fuss as evenings are the worst times for me and as my daughter has school dinners she doesn’t want to eat before 6pm but still wants a good meal. The lasagne I make in the morning but don’t put in the oven until evening which is better than being cooked immediately anyway.

Anybody else have easy to cook meals or meals I can prepare early to cook later please? I find my steamer has also been a godsend for fish meals as I can throw everything in.

Thanks, take care, Cath x

A slow-cooker is a must, just plonk it all in, switch on and leave it all day :slight_smile: Great in the colder weather to walk in the house and smell that’s dinner’s doing :slight_smile:

We also pot-roast meat, it works really well and it’s so easy

Sonia x

I love my slow cooker. I buy beef/pork joints when they are on offer and plonk them in with a bit of stock. Get son to slice them and freeze (with gravy) in portions (microwaved or cooked in a pan from frozen). Morrisons also do a very nice chiken chow mein (2 for £4 atm) which is very tasty. :slight_smile:

I really must get my slow cooker out. I haven’t used it since I gave up work nearly 8 years ago!

(Good God I just worked out it’s nearly 8 years since I stopped working… can’t believe it!).

Anyway I’ve got Tesco delivering today and got some chicken pieces coming… so that slow cooker is coming out to play!

Thanks and love to all,

Pat x

Enjoy it Pat. I only bought my slow cooker early this year after my friend recommended it and thought they were only good for soup and stew. I’m learning and loving it more and more though. I keep telling myself to start internet shopping again, need to go to ASDA this afternoon, but I love to look around and have a nosy.

Take care and enjoy your chicken Pat.

Cath xx

Hi Pat

I agree with you about the Sainsbury’s fish pie, it is low in calories too. I am on Jenilek diet so eating heat up meals are pretty much out of the question, I just eat salads (we usually have one in the fridge) with beans and lots of seeds, oh and olive oil, we cook extra potaote and just heat up, or cook baked potatoe in the microwave.

Wendy x

Hi gang, with your encouragement I got my slow cooker out and have put it on today with chicken breasts, chipolata sausages, potatoes, green beans and all covered in a tomatoe sauce (pasta sauce actually but works well in dishes like this).

I had forgotten that the cooker actually a huge. Much too big for me. Think I’ll offer it to my son and daughter-in-law and get myself a small one.

Nice and sunny in London… and I’m feeling ok after a really bad day yesterday. I seem to be having lots of bad days recently. Hope this is just a temporary thing… hey ho…

How you all doing?

Love to all,

Pat x

Sorry to hear you’ve had lots of bad days recently Pat - hoping like you that it’s only temporary! My UTI returned after i finished the last set of antiBs so, had to see the doc for some more! Trying to drink more water but of course that on top of the urgency sends me to the the loo even more! That means more times self-cathing which is not really a good thing but what can I do? Have a good weekend everyone - quite reasonable weather after all the rain! Teresa xx

So sorry to hear this Teresa. What bloody awful thing these UTI’s are! I wish there was some advice I could offer… but I haven’t… however here is a big (((((((((((((((((((((((HUG)))))))))))))))))))))))))) for you darlin’.

I can’t see what else you can do. Does any research go into these I wonder. It seems to me that if they could find a ‘fix’ for UTI’s it would be a seriously life-changing thing for millions of people.

Wishing you well hon and hope it clears up very soon.

Pat x

Ditto Pat Teresa, I’m panicking as I have to be in the car for about 4 hours tomorrow and naturally, this week I think I’ve maybe developed a UTI :frowning:

I took a sample to the sugery on Monday which naturally was fine and it’s felt worse and worse as the weeks gone on… Goin to drink tons of water today and hope for the best!

Sonia x

Thanks so much for your kind words Pat. Someone would make a lot of MSers happy if they could find a way of getting shot of UTIs! Sorry for how you’re feeling Sonia - sounds like you need antbiotics too! Hope you get through your drive OK tomorrow! Teresa xx

Hi Pat

Sorry you have been having some bad days, I dont think the weather has helped, glad you feel better today. Your foodnin the slow cooker sounds delicious, makes my jacket spud look rather inferior!

Teresa and Sonia, sorry to hear your problem with uti’s, annoying blighters we could all do without, hope they clear soon for you both.

Sun and rain here today, but at least the footy is on tv today…yippee. Sorry to all who hate is, but it is onenof my passions.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Pam x

Hi Pam, Thanks for your kind thoughts. Hope you’re doing OK! I too have enjoyed the footie today - I have no choice but to join in with a houseful of males! Lol! Take care, Teresa xx

I’ve had a quiet day today and drunk LOADS of water, popped into Sainsbury’s earlier… got one of their Bistro meals on a meal deal as hubby is feeling rough and it was quite quick in the oven, no fuss.

Tasted lush BUT i’ve been hungry ever since so a bit disappointed about that… I ate both the puds (they were tiny and he wasn’t fussed about them) and have just eating half a large bar of chocolate, I’m hoping Sainsbury portion sizes are small, either that or I’ve got bigger worries than a UTI! I’m in bed and feeling sleepy but I’m gonna have to drag myself out of bed to eat something…

And on the subject of food - Pat, how was your chicken in the slow-cooker?

Hope everyone’s having a good weekend

Sonia x