found it!


after much research i’ve made my choice!

i’m talking vapourizer’s!

the official top 10 has changed

before it was ‘the volcano’ @ £300

but now it’s ‘the Arizer V Tower Extreme Q 4.0 Vaporizer with Remote Control’ @ £150 on amazon

it’s virtually the same as the volcano but half the price with a lifetime guarantee!

getting one as soon as i’ve got the £££’s



Hi Ben , I’ve tried two different vaporisers but didn’t get on with them…the first was a volcano, which a friend later asked me if I was interested in selling…so not too much of a loss. The second was a tiny one called an incredibowl .used a few times but still not 100% happy. Still have the little one, you would be welcome to it if you want it…just pm me with your address…I will get someone to post it. Just thought maybe a good idea to try first so that you don’t end up wasting money like I did! Best wishes, Ng