got one!

hi all,

finally got awarded dla and with the first payment i’ve invested in a vaporizer! it turned up yesterday and it def works

it’s different to a regular joint/spliff and it’s really smooth to inhale, the ‘buzz’ is different too - hard to describe it but there is NO TOBACCO, NO BURNING AND NO TOXINS/CANCER!!!

i’ve googled vaporizing vs smoking and what you find out is trully amazing, the statement that got me is ‘there is no medical evidence that it’s any worse than breathing air’!

i got the arizer extreme @ £150 from amazon.

anyone that;s tempted to try cannabis i think should try it this way, smoking a very expensive habit and all smokers wish they’d never started, myself included!!

the effect cannabis has on me is it just makes everything seem that little bit better - an ‘aahhh it’s alright’ kind of thing’ so anyone trying it i wish them luck and hope it can help you the way it’s helped me

cheers then

ben baker

Anything that helps Ben!

Pat x