Not diagnosed. Waiting to see a neurologist. Just want some advice please.

Hey everyone , hope your all well. So since I have been 18/19 I have had episodes when my arms and legs would feel really tired , would happen to every other month or so. Would last a weeks odd at a time. That calmed down eventually. Only symptom I really had was twitching all over my body. You name , it’s twitched. But it’s liveable. I’m 24 now , back at the end of April, I had another episode….I felt really fatigued and tired for two weeks. My whole body was aching and felt extremely tired. I have recovered from that but have noticed a tightness in my right bicep ( only when I flex my elbow and use it ) and right calf. Right foot feels a little unbalanced at times but nothing major. My right thumb feels stiff also but can use it mostly fine. It’s been like that for a few years I’d say now.

Thing Is that I suffer from Aspergers. So my anxiety levels are pretty bad anyway. But since that last episode it’s been off the charts. I saw that ALS or MS ( via doctor google )is a possible cause also so have been in a right state the past few months. Constantly worrying, checking my grip all the time on things and been extremely depressed, advice please folks ?

Sorry to hear about your rough times. I’m sure there are others on the forum who have more useful things to say but I’ll make a couple of points.

Firstly it’s great that you’re seeing a neurologist who will hopefully help you get some answers and remove some of the uncertainty.

Secondly, the depression you mention and the constant checking of symptoms, please know that you are not alone in that. Many of us have been down that road.


Focus on what you CAN do right now. As hard as it is, don’t think all the time about your issues or what you can’t do. When your limbs act up, go with it. Rest them. Get more rest in general. If one arm gives you trouble lifting things, use the other one.

It’s easier said than done, I know, but there’s nothing else you can do about it right now. The neurologist is a good start, but stay away from Dr. Google!

Hi hun, Dr Google drives me mad.

Try not to focus on worse case scenarios i mean i put Fatigue and muscle twitching into Google and came up with M.E./CFS or

Muscle fatigue triggers twitching and cramping in overworked muscle fibers. Secondly, exercise may cause an electrolyte imbalance through sweating. Electrolytes play a role in muscle contraction. An electrolyte loss within muscle fibers may trigger twitching .

It can be down to simple diet issues at 24 i doubt you eat well lol.

My grandson is 18 and he is on the autistic spectrum. So i get you about anxiety levels.

Can i ask you what do you do all day? Are you working? Do you have familiy close by etc have you got a partner, has anything happened when you were 18/19 some bad stress that could have triggered this off? Its always good to go back to the beginning.

For me it doesnt scream MS or ALS but i am no medic. Have you seen your GP for a full blood screen, you say your waiting to see a neuro have you got appointment.

Anyway my advice to you right now is no more googling, find things to occupy yourself with, dont look for the worse of things, it rarely is.

can i send you a hug from an old gran. xxx :heart:

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I am working my lovely. Work in a supermarket on the produce department , mainly down the veg isle so I’m on my feet all the down. Lifting heavy crates of potatoes , onions , apples.

I forgot to mention i had a severe numbness on my right side of my chin etc prior to the two week long period . Which is meant to be a big sign of MS. Or so dr google told me haha.

Thing is I’m not anxious because I’m potentially ill , I’m anxious because I’m meant to be getting married next year and my fiancée is currently pregnant.

The bicep tightness is what’s getting me the most. It’s horrible when I flex the arm. It’s horrible for my fiancée because I literally google stuff all the time.

One person mentioned possibe vitamin D deficiency but I’m not sure. My diet ain’t the best il admit lol. It’s been better the past two days as advice from family.

wow a lot going on hun. whatever it is you will find out, if it is MS waiting quietly for the appointment etc is better then stressing and do not google lol. You are officially banned lol.

It all COULD be down to stress or low vitimins, but then it might be something else. BUT you must stop googling for your own sanity and that of your fiance ok. take some deep breaths and try to relax.

Come on fess up what 24 year old diet is any good lol…i would ask for blood tests to check all your levels GP should have done that anyway.

So your pretty active the fatigue can be down to muscle fatigue which can be caused i hate to say it eeeek…low MAGNESIUM LOL.

oh and vitimin D. You can almost guarantee you are low on Vit D most people are lol.

SO no more mr google.


Oh out of curiosity are you from Gloucestershire?

I’m from Plymouth in Devon :grin: I feel a lot better in myself mentally . Symptoms still present. Today’s been shooting pains in both arms and legs. So thats fun. Just going to try and get a grip mentally. My fiancée broke down in tears last night. Me constantly being in a bad state of mind etc.

ah you said My Lovely, they say that a lot in gloucester lol…

Plymouth Devon i wish.

sometimes hun the partner takes it worse then we do. Pregnancy hormones mind are a bust.

Take care but keep moving forward your getting there. I think your handling it all very well, as long as you keep off that Google chap lol. xxxx