Not diagnosed but having tests


I am now being tested for MS as all my symptoms seems to be getting worse. Awaiting a MRI scan.

Please could you help me as I am going out of my mind with worry.

My symptoms are a constant twitching left eye, altered almost numb feelings on my left cheek, back of my left hand and occasionally on my left thigh and calf.

I also have a feeling like all my muscles ares stiff and if I attempt to write or do anything like it my hands cramps so easily and painfully.

Across my face feels like I am wearing a mask or something heavy is resting on it.

If I look down to my chest it’s not like an electric shock but I do get a strange sensation down my spine.

I have noticed that I cannot cope too well with fine motor movements like putting in my earrings. I have to concentrate and look in the mirror whereas before I could do this blindfolded.

My mobilty someties feel like I am wadinf through water.

I am 62, am I too old for a new diagnosis of MS?

Thank you.

Hi maisie53

Diagnosis of MS is a longwinded process where neurologists won’t commit until they have excluded all other options. Please arm yourself with patience and take care of yourself.


Thank you.

Hi Maisie…how long have you been having these symptoms for? Although it is more common to be diagnosed earlier than now, it isnt impossible. It took a long time to get my diagnosis.

I began with mobility problems in my mid 40s. I am now 63.

I did display very PPMS like symptoms and had a battery of tests…none of which proved MS. But they did give me a 95% diagnosis of it.

8 years later, the diagnosis was changed completley. It seems I have HSP…but again, there is no proof!

Most of your symptoms sound MS like, but best wait for the neuro`s decision hun.

Have you got any meds to help?


Maisie, it is frustrating, i have been waiting over a year for an answer, having a 90% chance an now being told no new lesions so it cant be MS. Tell my body that!!!

Keep smiling and good luck x