Hi, my name is Trish and I am being tested for MS I am 47, I went to the Drs as I had pains in my arms and numb/tingling feelins in my little finger and the finger next to it plus a little way up my arm on my left hand. I also have memory loss and sometimes words come out funny. I am leaking urine so wear pads now and sometimes I get shaky. The pains are only in my arms and in the mornings especially they feel very stiff. I wake up in the night with pain if not on pain killers. I have had a hospital eye test on Monday just gone and that was clear. The optician said he will tell my GP to refer me for a MRI scan as the GP had said she had concerns I had MS. It was a shock to me as I had not been told this by the GP … I get very tired too. Some of these symptom have been going on for nearly a year some alot less … The pain is the last symptom I have had. I also get very very hot but thought I was menopausal so thought nothing of it. I am also a diabetic. Thank you for reading this… Trish. xx

Hi Trish, bumping this up to page one for you. I’m waiting for a diagnosis too and experience many of the same symptoms (I’m 39). I wish you all the best in finding out what’s going on! Welcome to the ‘same boat’ :heart:

Hi Trish, welcome to the site.

MS symptoms vary widely and differ from person to person.

Besides MS there are literally hundreds of other neurological conditions.

Try not to get fixated on that as a cause for your problems.

Hope you dont have to wait too long for the MRI and follow up.

Look after yourself.

luv Pollx

Hi Trish, I have been having tests for MS for the last 3 years. I am 48, and get the feeling that those in their 20s seem to not have to wait so long for DX. Us in our 40s seem to have a more difficult time! I have a spastic hemiplgic gait (one one leg) now which has slowly developed over that last 4 years. Clear brain scan, clear LP and only one spinal lesion (which has now gone) means I am an unusual case! Had radiation treatment for cancer 23 years ago and a possible thought is that nerves were damaged then!

Moyna xxx

Thank you all for your replys, I contacted the Nuro dept and the MRI dept and as yet they have not even heard of me so I am a bit cheesed off to say the least. I have made an appt to see the GP however the good Dr I want to see cant see me until next Tues afternoon ! So I guess its a waiting game while I am in pain and on stupid low pain killers as I am also a diabetic. Not happy. xx