Hi, my name is Trish and I am being tested for MS I am 47, I went to the Drs as I had pains in my arms and numb/tingling feelins in my little finger and the finger next to it plus a little way up my arm on my left hand. I also have memory loss and sometimes words come out funny. I am leaking urine so wear pads now and sometimes I get shaky. The pains are only in my arms and in the mornings especially they feel very stiff. I wake up in the night with pain if not on pain killers. I have had a hospital eye test on Monday just gone and that was clear. The optician said he will tell my GP to refer me for a MRI scan as the GP had said she had concerns I had MS. It was a shock to me as I had not been told this by the GP … I get very tired too. Some of these symtoms have been going on for nearly a year some alot less … The pain is the last symtom I have had. I also get very very hot but thought I was menopausal so thought nothing of it. I am also a diabetic. Thank you for reading this… Trish. xx