not coping

Hi Iam having a rreally bad day today, have really bad visio and ddizziness is stopping me getting out of bed. In the last 6 weeks I have gone from doing 12 hour shifts including nights. To now struggling to be out of bed from more than anhour before falling asleep in the chair or wherever I am. I was diagnosed about 2weeks ago and been off wor for 6. The only way I kknow is to work my way through things but don’t know how I’m going to goback ssoon my employer is being very good with be able to change my role. Has anyon got any advice for being able to cope with fatigue to be able t get some sstructure back into my life. Thanks fo your ssupport

Hi Barney,a bad time for you,but things will get better.For a kick off your priority should be to get into a daily routine which lets you out of bed for a few hours.Calls to the GP,MS Nurses et al need to be made ASAP so you have the support you need to begin your recovery.

Have you ever had any IV steroids,'cos if not I humbly suggest you have a course.Your employer sounds good,but you need to decide how much you tell him once you start getting some feedback from the Medics.

Good luck,


Hey Barney_owl I’ve got to agree with Wb, steroids could be the way to go. When I’m in relapse my fatigue is off the wall…but it does get better. Have you been given an MS nurse yet or at least a contact number …if not ring your hospital and they will put you through…if you can talk to them they will really support you and certainly be able to offer remedies and advice which you sound as if you need. As for work again, as Wb says the routine helps …I have adjusted my hours to 10-6, but when I deviate from that, work over ect I always suffer and it takes me a couple of days to get back into sync It will get better MS is so up and down especially to begin with I was diagnosed last year and I’ m still learning all the time…this site is good and the guys on here have certainly got so much experience and knowledge that I’m forever quoting when I see my MS nurse stuff I’ve gleaned from here. GOOD LUCK Libby x

I had steriods when I was given my confirmed diagnosis. I have appointment with MS nurse at beginning of April. I am feeling in real limbo and not handling things well. I see my gp next week.

Hi Barney Owl,

Ask your GP for Modafinil as that helps with extreme fatigue.


Thanks I will discuss this with gp. Hope after my apot with MS nurse I will have a better understanding. I am feeling really scared about what is happening.

Still try and phone your MS nurse, she may be able to get you in a bit earlier if you need the help…which it sounds as if you do. It is scarey at first and can seem so overwhelming you don’t think things will ever get better my first year has been hard and there’s been times when I didn’t believe things would get better but eventually they did. Wish there was something else I could say, the advice for Modafinil sounds good…told they were a knowledgable lot. Take Care Libby x