I feel I have to constantly explain ms. I don’t feel like the old me. I have no help and live on my own. I want to get on with life now.

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I feel pretty much exactly the same. I’ve noticed a minor sea change in me lately though. Like normal me is trying to fight their way back up to the surface. Not sure if anything will come of it, but I count it as a positive to be wondering if there’s a support group or similar in my area, even though I’ve not gone as far as trying to find out yet (apart from the “near me” option on here, which has 0 results for every option.)

Hang out on here and you’ll find plenty of other people who know what you’re going through, and that’s got to be of help to you :slight_smile:

Hello there!

You are still at a really early stage since being diagnosed. It is gonna take a while to adjust. I think fighting or denying your condition, will ony do harm in the long run. I know that may sound easier to say than do or feel, but it usually works better.

You say you are alone and have no help. What kind of hep do you need? Would it be an idea to contact your OT service? These bods are brilliant at coming up with ideas of ways to make life safer and easier in your home.

Also what about asking for an assessment from Social Services? I`ve had this a few times. They may be able to provide direct payments to help pay for a carer/PA.

Have you spoken to an MS nurse yet? This could also mean advice to help you cope.

love Pollx

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