Not alone...

You are not alone, Progressive MS is a bi**ch BUT here we can continue to learn (knowledge is power) and get emotional support. I can’t stay online or reading for tooooo long BUT Try and live each day as it comes and try not to think too far ahead, sermon over for today. Take care folks, M

And what a good sermon that is!

Night love. Hope you’re doing ok. My body is buzzing so much I think I should sell myself to the National Grid. I could probably provide enough electric for all the lights in London…

Pat x

Night all, Hope everyone has a good night’s sleep, Teresa xx

Hi folks, I slept alright thanks to adding a Tramadol to my nightly cocktail. I hope the National Grid are not aware of your special powers, they would probably charge you!

I am however still pi**ed off don’t know what the hell is going on, it’s not like me BUT sometimes MS hits like a brick wall that I cannot get over or around. Live with it, all my usual ‘kick ass’ sayings are getting thrown in my face/head.Cheers for being there for me, Take care folks, M

Hello hellMS

I agree with your thoughts and sentiments completely, well said


Cheers Patrick

It’s reassuring knowing that people on here are in the same leaky boat BUT making the best of it. Take care, M

What is this burning sensation that comes and goes in waves in my leg?? I have been getting it more and more these days and when I asked the nurse I went for a ‘health checkup’ with on Tuesday, she just replied…“Oh yeah, that’s common in people with MS”… Thanks for that …

Is that anything to do with the ‘buzzing’ PatB’s talking about?

Hi Mike

The burning, buzzing, vibrating etc are all sensory symptoms.

I take amytriptyline at night to try to alleviate it, and also baclofen for the

spasms and spasticity, have a word with

your neuro, ms nurse or gp.

Hope this helps


Hi Mike, buzzing, vibrating, jumping, twitching, stinging, itching and burning are all down to the ‘gift that just keeps on giving’… yes that’ll be MS.

My buzzing sometimes comes in waves as well… esp in this hot weather! Remember, MS does NOT like hot weather. Keep as cool as you possibly can.

Hope you’re doing ok,

Pat x