'Body Buzzing' ... a good blog

Here’s a good blog from this site about ‘body buzzing’. I know a few of us on here get it… that vibration thing!!!

Pat xx

Hello Pat,

Iv’e just read the same blog…I don’t tend to get the buzzing, but its helpful for them that do, mine tends to be weakness and terrible cramps…don’t know why but the cramp has been awful and always at night.

I had the 1st physio appointment today , it was a home visit i don’t know why but its left me feeling miserable i hate going through the paces of what i can and cannot do. still waiting for second opinion, so i feel a bit of a fraud.

We got the plans for my grant through for the wet room and wheelchair lift and ramp around the back of my house to give me access…its funny i feel like binning the lot…maybe the physiotherapy will cure me eh???

Michelle x

Hi Michelle, I think anything where you have to talk about all your symptoms is depressing… whether it be benefit forms or physio or whatever.

Having the wet room done is an upheaval, but believe me it’s brilliant when it’s done! SO much easier!!!

Hope the physio goes well. It can help a lot and it’s great when they come to your home.

Are you taking baclofen for the cramps? Cramps, spasms, they’re the same thing really and baclofen can help a lot (plus I always feel nicely ‘high’ on it… a positive side-effect! )

Have a nice evening,

Pat xx

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Thanks for your message Pat, you are right, Iv’e had enough dwelling on disability, last week was the pips form, this week physio, I hate it …its awful going through what i can’t do. I’m trying desperately to get an appointment with my doctor, shes only a locum but so lovely and now the receptionist at our surgery has said they don’t think she is coming back…I was trying to book an appointment with her as she was getting me a second opinion from a ms neurologist, unfortunately the 1st one we wrote to said his health authority wouldn’t let him see patients out of area… looks like i’ll have go back to another doctor in the practice (the good ones have all left) and try to get them to send me for a second opinion else wear. Sometimes i wonder if i’ll ever get an answer…I just want closure.

Another question… Can you get baclofen without an ms diagnosis?

Sorry for the rant, I always appreciate your posts you have a lot of good advice for all of us on the forum.

Michelle x

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Hi Michelle

Yes, your GP can prescribe baclofen for r you without a DX.

I take it, and whilst it doesn’t stop them, it certainly helps to take the edge off. The only thing I would say, is start on a low dose and increase gradually.

Take care ((((hugs))))

Pam x

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