Nose Buzzing and Crawling Sensation Stopped


Wanted you to know that my horrible nose buzzing and crawling sensation stopped last night.

I have been on antibiotics now for three days so whether that has helped, I don’t know.

I had a few replies from some of my friends on here who have suffered the same sort of thing so I really hope theirs have disappeared too. It was a real pain.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie,

If you start to smell something funny then you know that your head is in fact hollow and a bee had gotten in - buzzing & crawling - and has now died & is decomposing. (Sorry hun its friday - its been a long week and I was up to 1am last night baking for a charity coffee morning today)

Seriously hun - I’m glad you are feeling better and that all bee-related symptoms are gone for good. My cold is trying to come back - I’ve told it to bu**er off but it ain’t listening. I get to now spend the weekend reading some European standards and directives, maybe I should welcome the cold back and take a few days off sick instead. Oh what an exciting life I lead!! Its a good job this MS to paid to my clubbing days.

Take care of yourself Shazzie - hugs

JBK xx

Oh JBK you make me laugh.

You know how I like to use my nose a lot. I would be lost without a sense of smell!!! Especially around toys!! Hehehe!

I would definitely encourge you cold to come back. Worth a few days off work I reckon. European standards and directives??? You must be really clever!!

A nice brandy always finishes off my colds with a bang.

Take care hun.

Shazzie xx

Spoke too soon. It’s back. Grrrr. And I think the antibiotics have given me a thumping headache for the past 2 days. Even more grrrr!!

Shazzie xx

Sorry to hear than hun - no pun intended.

Is your cold still with you? Make sure you drink plenty of water with the antobiotics - I find its almost like they upset my whole body chemistry which is why I don’t like taking them unless I have to.

So off to bed with you with a good book and your medicinal brandy. Or if you can’t sleep I can always send you the European Standard on the Evacuation Lighting in Road Tunnels . Who do you feel most sorry for now!!!

Take care hun

lots of hugs

JBK xx

Seconded on the water drinking, generally as well as on antibiotics. I’m half wishing I hadn’t started this lot of penicillin but I felt horrendous. I’ve been getting little twitches all day, despite upping magnesium intake & resting.

Kelly. That is sooooo funny!!! You can keep that!!! Mind you might make a good Xmas Prezzie for those I don’t like much hehehe!!! Does it come in hard back or paperback?

Shazzie xx

Thanks Mrs C

They have really knocked me out. I too wish I hadn’t said anything but I am taking them cause I have got an infection in the glands in my armpit and that is clearing up but I do feel rubbish.

What dose are you on? I am on 625mg 3 times a day.

I hope you feel better soon. At least we know how we feel don’t we?

Shazzie xx

I’m on 250mg 4 times a day, started off as tonsilitus but I’ve now got a head cold, ear ache and I’ve started with what seems to be a combo of drop foot and spasticity/stiffness as a result of it all. Gone are the days of just getting one virus/infection and it going away without leading to more x

Thanks Mrs C. Blimey. I know my GP said she wanted me on a high dose but 625mg 3 times a day does sound a lot. No wonder I have a headache!!

Hope you feel better soon!!

Shazzie x

Aw,that sucks Shazzie… hope you feel better soon xx